World’s Most Beautiful Kitchens

From one-wall to gallery, L-shape to horseshoe, island to peninsula, we all have fantasised about our dream kitchen, from the beautiful designs, to unique colour schemes to gorgeous floor finishes.

I personally like the classic french country style kitchen, this is my idea of the perfect family kitchen – warm, friendly, welcoming and it feels like home, afterall the kitchen is the heart of your home.

Slick city kitchens have also grown on me – combining modern design with traditional styles with strong lines, sleek and simple hardware, and few accessories, contemporary kitchens have elegance that doesn’t go out of style.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, and take a look at these beautiful kitchen designs for inspiration on how to give your much loved kitchen a beautiful facelift.

Classic Wood Finish with Marble Countertops

This is a classic countertop surface that many people choose for their kitchen design. It’s classic and teamed with wooden cabinets, it oozes sophistication.

Crisp Clean White Modern Kitchen

By choosing a white kitchen it will create a spacious feel, with bright lighting – an elegant touch to your kitchen.

Stunning Spanish Outdoor Kitchen

Need I say more – the ultimate outdoor kitchen will make you feel like you’re on holiday 24/7 – who wouldn’t love this kitchen. Sangria anyone..?

Pop of Colour Kitchen

Two-toned cabinets with a subtle pop of colour, looks modern, stylish and creates a warm feel to your kitchen.

Bright Statement Lighting Kitchen

For a kitchen to look and function well, the room must be lit properly. Kitchen lighting needs two elements: bright, shadow-free lighting for safe cooking, and atmospheric illumination to create mood.

Timeless Patterned Kitchen

Even though it’s simple it looks great. Patterns are subtle but creates a great feature for the kitchen. And teamed with those chairs, simple but gorgeous..!

Shabby Chic Kitchen

More is less…. But not in this kitchen – it looks busy but organised, welcoming, fresh and like the cook can whip up a deliciously fresh meal. We’ll bring the wine…!

Splash of Yellow Colour Kitchen

I really like bold colours in the kitchen, especially yellow – it brightens up the room, and makes you feel happy.

Elegant Black and Stainless Steel Kitchen

Teaming up black with stainless steel in a kitchen is a popular look and one that never goes out of fashion – it looks professional, elegant and super tidy.

Statement Wooden Effect Flooring Kitchen

Check out this striking floor. Laminate is a great choice if you’re looking for a hardwearing floor that offers a natural wood effect.

Flooring Kitchen

Cultured Mosaic Kitchen

Having this effect in your kitchen not only looks great but adds colour and texture to the room.

Size doesn’t Matter

Just because we are caught up in the hustle of city life doesn’t mean we have to compromise having a fabulous kitchen, it just means we have to think outside of the box utilising our space. This is a great example of a perfect City apartment kitchen – it’s sleek, modern and looks inviting.

With any house improvements you have to do your research, I have found to be a great help – they really know their cottage charm to contemporary design.

Happy House improvements.

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