Why You Should Choose a Crestron Home Automation System for Your Home

Crestron is probably the most well-known automation system – and for good reason. They have built up an enviable reputation for offering superior quality systems for their clients. The reputation is built on the fact that the system can streamline all of the different technologies that you have in your home and put them all into one easy controllable smart device. Here are more reasons why you should choose Crestron home automation technologyfor your property.

One of my favourite features of Crestron is that I can control the home audio-video system, lighting and security on a single touchscreen controller. It is so powerful to control every aspect of your home from one device.You can even control the settings of the heating, switching on and off lights and more.

The technology is smart enough to tell when have left your home, thanks to the use of motion detectors. When the system detects that you have left the property, it will automatically begin shutting down any unused systems that consume energy, which is a great way to save energy and reduce utility costs.

Arguably, theautomatic control of lighting in your home is a key selling point of the system in our view. When lights are on in your property, it acts as a great deterrent for anyone who is thinking about breaking into your property when you are out. We feel that the Crestron Lighting system does this very well. It is important for any security system to be fit for purpose, which we feel that this system offers.There is the option to make use of motion detection technology to automatically switch on lights on the grounds of your property when movement is detected. This is a great way to scare off any would-be intruders. With this, you can program the system to record any movement.

For those of you looking for the benefits of the Crestron entertainment system, the Audio/Visual part of the Crestron home system will offer you many enjoyable hours of entertainment. This technology can be used in a home cinema system and you will quickly realise that having an audio and visual system installed with a modern high definition projector will transform the way you view TV and cinema.

As you can see, Crestron are your one stop shop for all things home automation. It is easy to see why many people are looking to install the Crestron home automation system into their homes. For more information, make sure you contact Custom Controls who regularly install these Crestron systems.

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