Why Securikey Safes are the perfect security solution!

So you’re looking to secure your valuable items within your home? What better way to do so than to invest in a Securikey safe from eSafes?

Securikey is a security brand that was established in 1973. All safes within the Securikey range are independently tested and certified to provide you with peace of mind.

Discover a wide range of Securikey safes at eSafes today. They don’t only provide them for homes, they also supply them for offices, schools, hospitals and retail premises too.

If you’re looking for a safe to enhance office security, you’re sure to benefit from one of the Securikey office safes. These are designed to suit the office layout and allow you to store items discreetly.

Here we explain why a Securikey safe is the perfect security solution for your home:

Secure storage

To make it easier for you to organise your belongings, some Securikey safes incorporate shelving. These are ideal for keeping important documents, such as birth certificates, passports, bank statements and more, safe in your home.

Securikey safes are also ideal for storing:

  • Mobile phones
  • Keys
  • Jewellery
  • Money
  • Sentimental items

AIS approved

Safes that are AIS approved are independently tested and certified. They meet the standards set by the Association of Insurance Surveyors and guarantee the right level of security.

Choosing an AIS approved safe will cost more than other safes but your insurance company will pay out if it’s damaged or stolen.

Cash rating

eSafes supply a wide range of Securikey safes which are manufactured to the highest quality. They each have a Eurograde cash rating – ranging from £1,000, all the way up to £100,000.

Cash ratings are a guide – always check with your insurance provider to make sure that the items stored inside the safe are covered.

Fire protection

TheSecurikey mini vaults, available at eSafes,have their own important features. Some of them provide fire resistance for 30 or 60 minutes.

The Securikey mini vaults provide resistance at 750°C – so you needn’t worry about the items held inside being protected. The Securikey Mini Vault 2 Fire Resistant Electronic safe offers up to 30 minutes of fire resistance, allowing you to protect your documents against fire damage.

High-security locks

The Securikey home safes can be stored out of sight to provide hidden security. Similarly, they can be left on show to act as a deterrent for thieves – stopping them in their tracks.

Home safes are fitted with a secure lock, whether it be a padlock, key, electronic or combination lock, allowing you to protect your items further.

When it comes to purchasing Securikey home safes, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at eSafes. They provide portable, wall-mounted, free-standing and underfloor Securikey safes to suit the space you have available- making sure your personal belongings are protected securely.

To find out more about why Securikey safes are the perfect security solution, call eSafes on 0800 7832 328 today.

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