Why mold remedies are important?

The arrival of autumn rains often determines the increase in problems related to infiltrations. If not properly resolved can cause damage to structures, degradation of materials, humidity and decrease of living comfort. The infiltrations can affect the vertical walls and the roofs and can be caused by failures in water systems and the lack of an adequate waterproofing layer that protects the environment from precipitation or adverse metrological conditions or capillary rising.

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Infiltrations in covers: causes and remedies

First of all check that there are no breakages or disconnections of the covering elements of the covers. In addition lacking the water can easily find a free path to infiltrate. The waterproofing agentserves to prevent the passage of water in the underlying layers and generally must be positioned after the thermal insulation and before the upper coating. The dynamic and physical stresses to which the structures to be waterproofed are subjected. Further instructions can only be given by the experts if contacted Nationalrestorationexperts.com through proper channel. Before proceeding with the choice of the waterproofing it is necessary to check the state of conservation of the supports on which it will work. Based on the results of the checks the type of intervention can be chosen, overlapping waterproofing on the existing floor, previous waterproofingremoval of the existing flooring or finally demolition of flooring and screed with total restoration.

Waterproofing restoration stops the mold to spread

Among the most frequent causes that can cause humidity on the walls you highlight the breakage of an internal water pipe or of the heating system, flooding due to sudden breakage of household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines or leaks from rain or discharges. If you are not able to repair immediately the damage is manifested by the formation of darker moisture spots on the plaster or with the appearance of streaks or paint deviations on the walls and / or ceilings. The extension of the damaged area should therefore be restricted as soon as possible and repaired. It will be necessary to wait for three or four weeks for the complete drying of the walls, in order to proceed with their restoration.

Conclusion: for the safety of your house

In the event that the infiltration damage is caused by the water coming back from the subsoil will be necessary the intervention of specialized technicians able to identify the possible causeand then intervene with targeted remedies. Among the rehabilitation techniques used to prevent the capillary raising of water it ismentioned, preventive aeration, physical or chemical barriers and active elect osmosis.Often underground structures such as garages, cellars, taverns, elevator shafts have problems with water infiltration due to the lack of a suitable insulation between the masonry and the surrounding land. To solve these problems, a technology called Water Barrier has recently been patented following the research.

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