Why Bella Glass Tiles are Flying Off the Shelves?

Bella glass tiles have grown in popularity recently, as many homeowners attempt to break away from traditional bland tiles. Many interior designers believe that Bella Glass Tiles are bang on trend at the moment, and they offer a great way to give your kitchen a modern and cutting edge look. These types of tiles can be used effectively in all rooms of your home – even the bedroom! There are so many different colors and patterns to choose from, we are pretty confident you will find a style that matches your taste.

Here are some ways to use Bella Glass Tiles in your home.

Create a Bedhead

This may sound like a weird place to make use of Bella Glass Tiles. Usingbella glass tiles as part of your bedhead offers a unique way to give texture and inject different colors into your bedroom in a way that other tiles don’t. We feel that the bestBella Glass Tiles for a bedhead are Evolution Grey tiles, which certainly add depth and style to your room.

Create a Fireplace Surround

I have installed fire-proof Bella Glass Tiles around my fireplace at home. They look great! This is a great look to create, especially if you have an old-style cast iron Victorian fireplace. I installed these tiles on both sides of the grate to create the effect. You don’t need to select patterned Bella Glass Tiles are for your fire. You can select plain unpatterned ones if you wish to create a more muted effect. These tiles will last for many years and are easy to care for.

Mirrors & Bella Tiles

Plain mirrors are often found on many walls, and they don’t offer anything to the look of your room. This can be changed by making use of Bella Glass Tiles with your mirror. If you fit these tiles around the perimeter of your mirror, they are a great way to add a little bit of style to an everyday mirror. Experimenting is key to create the right look for your room, so make sure try different patterns and styles. You don’t need to just put them on the outside of the mirror. You can also add them to the mirror itself if you prefer.

Have you used bella tiles in your house? Let us know! Head over to https://www.belktile.com for Bella Glass Tiles for your property.

Post Author: Teresa Sabo

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