Why an organised garage is good for your home

Garages have a habit of turning into lofts and sheds; areas that no-one pays much attention to, where toys, paint and other bits of junk accumulate and not much else. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

A tidy and organised home and garage is not only great for creating some extra much needed space, it also brings with it the real satisfaction of a job well done. Perhaps you’ve added some extra shelves and cabinets for your tools and garden stuff, or had a huge throw out of everything you no longer need. Maybe you’ve even gone all out and added some shiny modern Roller Doors or painted the brickwork. There’s no doubt that after a few hours hard graft you’ll enjoy standing back and admiring the fruits of your labour. But why does being organised make you feel so good?


Having a neat and tidy home (yes that includes your garage!) is clinically shown to reduce stress and depression and make you feel more positive. It’s pretty logical when you think about it. If you come home after a busy day to a huge to-do list your stress levels will increase. This can then negatively affect your health, appetite, sleep, immune system and much more. By making sure you have plenty of space around you, with no stacks of papers or piles of laundry, you’ll have more opportunity to relax, unwind and recharge.

Organised homes actually save you time and money

A disorganised home is more stressful than you might think. If all your belongings don’t have natural ‘homes’ you’ll likely spend half your life looking for things which wastes precious time in your day. Plus when it comes to money, if you’re lacking an organised system for keeping up with bills, banking etc. it’s easy to end up paying things late. This of course can then result in additional fees and yet more stress.

Less arguments

When your kids can’t find their school bags, the dog’s lead is missing again and your other half can’t find the car shampoo in the garage, tempers can get a little frayed. By keeping a tidy home you’re likely to restore a little harmony, especially in the mornings!

Easier cleaning

When your home and garage are neat and tidy, they’re far less hassle to keep clean. Dusting and hoovering are quicker thanks to better access, and it’s easier to do little and often rather than having to do one massive clean when it’s all got too much. A grubby home can also aggravate asthma as well as spread colds and other bacteria. Your house and garage don’t have to be totally sterile, just as tidy and dust-free as possible.

You’re always ready when someone drops by

When your home’s in a real mess there’s no greater panic than discovering a friend or family member is dropping in for a cuppa and is five minutes away. With a well-organised, tidier home, regular clear outs mean less clutter so there’s plenty of room to sit down if any unexpected guests turn up. It also means you don’t have to run around shoving things in overfull cupboards to create a bit of space. So what are you waiting for?! Get sprucing your home and garage today!

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