When Planning Kitchen Remodeling, a Focus on Cabinets Always Produces Dividends

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there are a few areas where it always pays to focus. It might be fun to spend hours poring over an impressive selection of backsplashes, but all that effort will often be forgotten thereafter.

Many or most kitchen remodeling plans, on the other hand, include new or refurbished cabinets, and putting plenty of time into making related arrangements can easily pay off with Mimosa Kitchen and Bath. Because they are so prominent, functional, and important, kitchen cabinets almost always reward whatever investments are made in them.

Cabinets are Central to Almost Every Kitchen

Many kitchens are virtually overflowing with utensils, pieces of cookware, ingredients, small appliances, and the other items needed to cook and entertain. Cabinets always play key roles in fostering organization and maximizing the usefulness of the limited space available in every kitchen.

There can be no doubt that a well-chosen stove or countertop will make a kitchen a better place to spend time. Taken together, however, cabinets are inevitably as significant with regard to their overall effect and utility.

Many homeowners fail to appreciate this fact and end up falling into the trap of thinking about cabinets in almost entirely cosmetic terms. While it will always be wise to ensure a kitchen’s cabinets will be attractive and appropriate looking, putting plenty of emphasis on functional considerations will be just as important.

Simple Ways to be Sure of Choosing the Best Cabinets for a Remodeled Kitchen

Fortunately, this cornerstone of kitchen remodeling never needs to be challenging or imposing to put down. While cabinets are always key to the character and functionality of any kitchen, they are simple enough to assess when broken down appropriately. In general, it will be productive to think about kitchen cabinets in terms of basics like:

  • Frame style. There are two common kitchen cabinet frame types, each of which comes with its own benefits. American-style cabinets include full frames with the doors and finishing pieces fastening to sections provided for that purpose. The frameless sorts of cabinets that are the norm in Europe and many other places, on the other hand, make use of less in the way of supporting material. That means costing a bit less, in general, which is an advantage many homeowners will appreciate. At the same time, doing away with so much hidden structure can also open up more usable space within a given cabinet. Fully framed cabinets, on the other hand, have a more substantial feel that can be appealing in its own right. In a kitchen where space is at a premium and a remodeling budget is already stretched, it will often make the most sense to skip the frame. In other cases, paying a bit more in terms of both space usage and cost for fully framed cabinets will be easy to justify.
  • Drawers. Cabinets that include drawers will typically be some of the most frequently utilized of all. The style of drawer a cabinet includes can make it either a pleasure to use or an ongoing source of frustration. While drawers include several components that allow them to operate as designed, the glide is the most significant. Glides that are mounted on the side tend to be less expensive than others, but can start to sag and break down quite quickly. When that happens, the attached drawer will often become prone to hitching and sticking, making for a less-than-satisfying experience. Glides that are mounted from above, on the other hand, will mostly rule such problems out, although they do tend to be more expensive.
  • Doors. The cosmetic character of cabinets should never be neglected, and no single component contributes more to a cabinet’s looks than its door. From inexpensive MDF to ornately grained hardwood, there are many types of cabinet door materials to choose from. Each of these options will typically suggest certain finishing approaches, as well, meaning that a single decision will impact a kitchen’s resulting look in at least a couple of ways. Most kitchen remodeling plans will make it relatively simple to choose appropriate cabinet doors insofar as an overall design direction will already be well established.

High-Quality Cabinets Will Last and Look Great for Many Years

Thinking about simple issues like these will normally make it straightforward to choose appropriate cabinets for any kitchen remodeling project. Homeowners who do put in the effort inevitably find their investments paying off in satisfying ways over the years that follow.

While cabinets can seem utilitarian and even pedestrian compared to other parts of a kitchen, they always play key, highly functional roles in practice. As a result, focusing on the everyday experiences that particular cabinet choices will contribute to will generally work out well in practice. Couple that with the appreciation for cosmetic factors that already comes so naturally to virtually all cabinet shoppers and rewarding results can be assured.

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