When It’s Time to Call in an Architect, According to Long Beach Architect Mark Grisafe

If you own a home, you know that there’s always something to fix or update. Things break, styles change, and technology advances. Many homeowners fix the issues as they come and do upgrades in a sort of piecemeal fashion. A pipe bursts, you fix it. You don’t like your kitchen countertops, you replace them.

This approach is fine if you like the general layout of your home and have no plans to make major changes, but if you want to eventually do a complete overhaul of your home or a portion of your home, you may want to get ahead of the game and call in an architect. Otherwise, you could find yourself replacing certain elements of your home now, and then having to replace them again when you remodel.

A good example of this is flooring. If you replace your flooring now, and then later do a remodel that involves moving walls or built-in cabinets, you will find yourself either replacing the flooring again, or having to patch it. Replacing your windows could cause similar issues. We know it’s the trend right now to replace old, drafty windows with more energy-efficient windows, but if you’re planning a remodel down the road, you may want windows in different places or you may want to remove a window and replace it with a large patio door that allows you to have easier access to the outdoors and lets in more natural light.

It often makes sense to think more long term and call in an architect to work with you to put a master plan in place for your home. If you don’t, you could be caught unprepared.

Mark Grisafe, owner and architect at M. Grisafe Architects in Long Beach, California says, “What you dont want to do is wait for damage to occur as a result of a product failure, and then have to complete a hasty, poorly planned remodel just to make your home or building functional again. It makes sense to get ahead of anything in your home that is getting close to reaching the end of its lifespan—especially elements whose failure could lead to further damage, such as a leaking roof or windows, an electrical malfunction, or a large plumbing problem.”

Home Remodels with Longevity in Mind

Remodeling your home is a big decision that involves many, many smaller decisions throughout the process. Hiring an experienced architect can help you make those decisions easier. A good architect will ask important questions about how you plan to use your remodeled space and design it accordingly. For example, the house of someone who likes to entertain will have a very different layout than the house of someone who sees their home as their sanctuary.

A good architect will also help you choose products that will last. Grisafe says, “We use only products that have been tested and have proven to be reliable. We’ve even tested products in our own homes to make sure we can confidently recommend them to our customers. Of course, we can’t test out every product on the market ourselves, so we do our research and consult experts to find out which products will be the most durable and reliable for our clients, while still giving them the look and functionality they want for their home.”

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