What are the best Storage Options in Dunstable?

Across the Luton and Dunstable area there are many small businesses. In fact, so many that the traffic is always busy and the space for business premises is at a premium. Many companies will be struggling an area to store its belongings and stock items.

However, Dunstable provides an excellent solution to self-storage at the depot of City Store. The depot offers personal users and businesses easy access to stock and a secure space for every item of storage.

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Household Storage

Every day in the Dunstable, Luton, Houghton Regis areas there are people on the move. Relocating homes or students going away on a gap year. Many students leave the area altogether to study at university but wish to maintain a base in the Bedfordshire region.

When householders move, it can often be the case where the new home is not yet ready to be occupied. But, the requirement to move out of their existing premises is demanded. This creates a time margin where the family are in-between homes and have nowhere to store all the furniture, linen, kitchen utensils, gardening equipment and clothing. In other words, all their worldly goods.

City Store in Houghton Regis is the go-to solution to securely store all these items until such time as the homeowners are ready to move in. Access to your goods is available free of charge and is totally unlimited.

Many homeowners use self-storage to de-clutter their house so it can go on the market. Others will store all the summer garden furniture away into storage for the winter months. Items such as the barbecue, lawn mower and garden tools will create space in the shed over the winter.

Every storage room is secure and fitted with individual alarms. The cost for self-storage is very competitive and students have a very low-costoption to use the self-storage facilities.

Pay As You Go

When you use self-storage in Dunstable with City Store you will not be signing up to any long-term commitment. You will only pay for the days in which you use the storage facilities.

Business Storage and Office Renovations

At City Store in Dunstable many of the customers will use the depot to store office furniture. This may include desks, computer equipment, cupboards, tables and partitions. There are so many businesses in the area and many will relocate or take a break for essential renovations and maintenance.

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