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Tree bark can’t be underestimated for its usefulness to gardeners. It’s a pleasing backdrop to urban and rural settings alike – think about a well-applied wallpaper that looks great but doesn’t overwhelm the design effect. Transfer that concept to gardens and landscapes, and the results can be stunning. To that end, tree bark offers exceptional utility both as a mulch and decoration in several ways. Not all bark is equal, so it’s important to consult with topsoil experts and suppliers like Greenvale who can help you select the right products for your requirements. Check out the following for tips and insights.

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Bark – Mulch with chips?

Bark derives from different types of plants. Trees, shrubs, hedges – just about anything that has a wood-based composition! Large quantities of bark are obtained from felled and pruned trees/shrubs and it’s used in various ways. For smaller garden operations, it can be composted but for bigger areas, like landscaping, the bark can be chipped and shredded. In this form, it is bagged and ready to use.

Why use bark?

It’s commonly used as a topsoil for gardens of all sizes and otherwise known as mulch. Although there are several variants of mulch, bark is 100{cf46ee8e1bdea6a2d373905ea007eebe0099cc4731caa10a10cc06a943cc6dd6} organic and therefore perfect as an additive to encourage plant growth and maintain soil integrity. Bark’s composition is made up of both broad-leaved trees like oak and coniferous plants including larch. As a mulch, it can be applied to flower beds and borders, as well as other areas you want to cultivate/protect. These materials will naturally decompose at a slow rate, meaning more time between reapplications. Bark mulch keeps soil hydrated and forms a protective layer against wet and windy weather. Last but definitely not least, it discourages weed growth.

Bark – As wallpaper?

The answer is yes! The best quality bark can be used as an ornamental component for gardens and landscaping, no matter the size of the area, domestic or commercial. Always make sure you are getting the best kind of bark for your money. It needs to comprise robust and durable materials that can sustain regular use if applied to areas like garden and woodland trails. Perfect as a rustic backdrop to restaurants and pubs, and even office buildings and large public spaces, getting the right kind of bark matters. It should be able to sustain plenty of foot-falls, as well as diverse weather conditions. Aside from its utility, bark looks amazing – it can lend a pastoral touch to industrial estates, and a sylvan quality for landscaping and back gardens alike. Bark also smells wonderful, evoking authentic forest fragrances.

The technical bit

It depends on what you are using bark for, so it’s always a good idea to seek expert advice from trusted suppliers on how much to use, at what depth and the type of materials. You will enjoy the visual benefits and a good return on your financial outlay.

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