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What is Your Kitchen Style?

When it’s time to start redesigning or consider renovating the kitchen area in your house, it’s important to figure out what your kitchen style is going to be before you make any major moves. Discovering what you want your new kitchen to look like is an important decision to make because it will be a guiding factor in how you lay out your new kitchen, what new elements need to be added, and it can even help you decide if a major project is necessary, or if you can create a great new space with just a few upgrades. Find out everything you need to know about figuring out your kitchen style with the help of Vadara Quartz! Shop quartz kitchen countertops in store and online today, and let their experts help you to start creating the kitchen of your dreams!

Finding Your Functional Style

If you have a family with lots of kids running around, or you host evenings at your house often, your kitchen style is probably going to be upscale and functional. You’ll want to make sureall your appliances are performing perfectly, and that your counter space is open so that you can get the most use out of every surface. Hanging your cooking pots and pans is a great way to keep space clear on the counters, and by bundling your utensils into separate drawers, you can remove excess clutter from your kitchen as well.

When designing your kitchen to fit a functional mold, think about how you can keep your counter space clear, and think about if you have the room to install and island counter. An island counter can help give you more room to prepare and present food. It can also be a functional breakfast nook, so you don’t have to always sit at the table for a quick meal.

When designing a functional kitchen space, it’s also important to pick the right materials. If you are constantly using this space, or you have younger kids that will be in the kitchen often, you should consider installing quartz countertops instead of the usual granite. Quartz countertops are significantly more affordable, they come in a wide variety of colors and designs, and they are also much more durable than traditional granite. Choosing quartz countertops will also enable your kids and guests to spill and bump into your countertops without having to fear that they might significantly damage it. If your quartz countertop does get damaged, it will still be significantly more affordable to fix than most of your other countertop options.

Finding Your Upscale Style

If you do not have kids, and rarely entertain guests in your kitchen, an upscale kitchen may be the perfect design for your lifestyle. When you don’t have to prepare for a large amount of people in your kitchen, it can become a great space that you can embellish however you like. Upscale kitchen designs utilize the newest materials, and the best new products on the market. Think about what you mainly use your kitchen for, and design to fit your personal needs! If you don’t need as much cabinet space, consider installing a wine refrigerator in a section of your lower cabinet areas. If you like to prepare any special foods, such as espresso coffee, pressed juice or smoothies, you can designate an entire area of your counter for special appliances. If you find that your kitchen is slightly larger than you need it to be, a great way to utilize the space while keeping it modern is to create a bar where you can store all your cocktail drink ingredients, along with all the utensils and glasses necessary to create the perfect drink!

Modern Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen

Whatever your specific kitchen style is, the expert team at Vadara Quartz can help you make sure you love your new space. Call now to find out more about how to get the kitchen of your dreams today!

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