Top 5 Trending Kitchen Designs for 2019!

Have you been contemplating revamping your kitchen for a while? If so, 2015 may be the year for you but there are a few factors to consider first. There are a number of fantastic fitted kitchens in Rhyl, North Wales and the rest of the UK which really catch the eye. However, it becomes very difficult to make a definite decision when there is so much choice. But discovering all the design and styles kitchens Rhyl has to offer can be rather daunting.

In order to help narrow your choices study your existing space and note how you could improve your kitchens setup, as well as having a vision of what you would like. This could be as simple as a colour scheme, but is still a step forward to getting your new house project moving forward.

Flicking through home magazines to research emerging trends could help you greatly for inspiration. After endless research the whole idea of having a new kitchen can be overwhelming, so here are five kitchens designs which are expected to be big in 2015, to help you make a decision:

Airy & Open Shelving

This style isn’t everybody’s cup of tea as many prefer to have the contents of their kitchen hidden away, but for others it’s a new trend. Open shelving in a kitchen would typically be used for display only; perhaps with a few picture frames and ornaments on display. Now, it’s an emerging trend to have colourful cutlery and casserole dishes displayed, with cook books resting on book stands and much more.

Modern, Yet Traditional

For some it’s either one or the other, not both, but for others the two work well. The traditional aspect of your kitchen can be displayed as an island or in the form of cupboards, whereas the modern factor can be the accessories and lighting. This is a style which could work well only with a good-sized kitchen, therefore consider which styles are best for your delegated room.


This isn’t just a fashion statement, but instead a finish for a variety of other items: gadgets, paints and now countertop and door finishes. Silver, chrome and stainless steel are three metallic’s commonly used in the kitchen, but later on in the year gold, copper and bronze are set to shine.


A rustic appearance in the kitchen is quite popular, but also elsewhere in properties. Brick walls which show on the inside as well as the exterior are one example of using textures and tactile materials to your advantage. Additionally, wood will continue to be a trend in the future but more so when represented in its natural form, rather than high-gloss and smooth finishes.

Less Is More

Clutter-free kitchen space creates a clean space to enjoy. Integrated appliances are one way to achieve this look, but minimal wall cabinets are another example. The decision to not incorporate wall cabinets into your kitchen creates a space that’s not top-heavy. This also brings us back design number one: Airy & Open Shelving.

Contact your nearest company who specialise in home improvements in North Wales or a reputable kitchen designers, is the most efficient means of bringing your dream kitchen into reality. Pick up the phone and take the first step to that dream kitchen, today!

Post Author: Teresa Sabo

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