Top 10 Best Cities to Buy a Commercial Property in the UK

The UK is seemingly the worlds go to destination when it comes to investing in commercial property. The market has been performing above average for many years and offers a stable and secure investment opportunity for people seeking to invest in commercial property. There is a large number of commercial property for sale in the UK and investors are spoilt for choice when it comes to location. Let’s take a closer look at the best cities to buy a commercial property in the UK:

  1. London

No list of commercial property hotspots would be complete if it didn’t feature London. London has consistently served as a magnet for commercial property investors and offers opportunities for investment of any size or shape.

  1. Manchester

Manchester is posting record return on investment figures for commercial property at the moment and is, therefore, a great option for buying commercial property. The city is developing and expanding rapidly which attracts investors looking for commercial property.

  1. Birmingham

Birmingham is the UK’s second largest metropolitan area. The city is actively promoting the establishment of new businesses, which has lead to a sharp increase in the demand for commercial property. Projects to invigorate the economy of the area is the driving force behind the high demand.

  1. Slough

Slough is another area in the UK that is developing quickly. The city is home to many large British and European corporations that constantly require commercial property. There are a high number of commercial properties for sale in the area at the moment so it is best to snap one up before they are all taken.

  1. Nottingham

Nottingham is home to the UK’s highest average rental income properties. The city is located in the English countryside and features prominent institutions such as the Univerity of Nottingham. According to the latest research investors can be relatively sure of good capital growth in the area.

  1. Glasgow

Moving away from England we find the Scottish city of Glasgow. Glasgow is home to many great companies and has been showing stable growth over the past few years. Glasgow has been named as one of the UK’s investment hotspots and therefore is a great place to invest in commercial property.

  1. Liverpool

Liverpool is not only one of the UK’s oldest cities, it is also one marked for investment by the government. The city is the ideal place to invest in commercial property.

  1. Oxford

Oxford is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. More and more residents and businesses are relocating to the city making it an investment hotspot for people looking to invest in commercial property.

  1. Belfast

Belfast is another UK city that is marked for investment. The UK government has announced plans and initiatives to invest heavily in the area. This will undoubtedly attract the attention of businesses and lead to a spike in the demand for corporate property.

  1. Newcastle

Newcastle is not a new comer to the investment scene, the city has a diverse population of businesses which ensure a consistent high demand for commercial property in the area. There is often a wide selection of commercial property for sale to choose from in the area

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