Tips Lawn Care Professionals Use to Get Perfect Lawns

The way they work with the soil and the plants to make our lawns beautiful can mystify the mind.  After spending hours of backbreaking labor and intense care trying to ensure that our plants survive, and our lawns burst forth in glorious green it can be difficult to watch them fail.  This is when we call in the professionals who, with an almost mystical aptitude, bring our lawns back to life right before our eyes. What they do isn’t really all that mysterious, it’s just the result of experience and a few tricks and tips you can follow to help make your lawn look like a professional did it.

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Get the Jump on Weeds with Herbicide

Professionals use carefully selected herbicides to ensure that the weeds that trouble us never even have a chance to get started.  They’re called “Pre-emergent” herbicides and knock out these weeds before they ever have a chance to really take hold.  Before they even have a chance to sprout your weeds have been eliminated, leaving one less thing for your beautiful grass to compete with.

Broadleaf Weeds Are the Enemy

The iconic broadleaf weed is the dandelion, and it’s one with which we’re all familiar.  No matter how much you appreciate the cheery yellow flowers and the puffballs that follow them all it takes is pulling them up to realize just how much damage they do to your lawn.  Broadleaf weeds spread out and soak up sunlight and nutrients over a large patch of ground leaving the soil underneath barren and brown.  By catching them early you can ensure that your grass has the best opportunity to grow up healthy and strong without the interference of these weeds.

Mow Often and At A High Setting

We know, it’s really tempting to mow that lawn down as low as you can get it, so you don’t have to get back out there and mow again anytime soon.  Unfortunately, this can cause damage to your grass and give weeds the opportunity they need to sprout up strong and quick. Reasonably taller grass allows your lawn to stay strong and healthy and, as a bonus, resistant to weeds.  If you’re cutting off more than one third of the blade of grass, you’re cutting too much or too low.

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Morning Showers Bring Beautiful Lawns

Getting your watering out of the way in the morning helps your grass in multiple ways, starting with ensuring that the water dries off the blades in the morning sun.  If water sits on the blades of grass too long it can result in moisture-based diseases setting in. You also may want to reduce how frequently you water but make those individual watering’s last longer.  Don’t make the mistake of watering your grass, you want to water the SOIL under your grass to ensure it stays lush and beautiful.

Feed the Beast

If you think about how fast your lawn grows up, you’ll realize there’s a lot of nutrients being consumed in that whole process.  You can help your grass sustain this growth by laying down fertilizer to help it grow, but you may also want to consider composting the cuttings to feed back into your lawn in Fall.  Lawns can be a hungry beast, so keep it fed!

These five tips will go a long way towards helping your lawn look like it benefits from the touch of a professional, and it really doesn’t take that much effort to make it happen.  With careful management of your lawn and an understanding of how it grows you’ll be able to have a verdant patch that makes your neighbors green with envy.

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