The Most Popular Sofas for 2019

A sofa is the centrepiece of any living room. It’s a place where your family and friends are naturally drawn to when it comes to relaxing and socialising. With that being said, not only does it have to be comfortable, but it has to look the piece and also fit in with the overall design of your living room. And, the great thing about sofas is that you don’t need a massive budget to buy the perfect one for your home. It’s just more a case of finding the right one for your money, and one that suits your preferences.

Some homeowners find it quite challenging to choose a new sofa for their home, which is why upholstery suppliers come in so handy when the time comes to make a purchase. They can help advise you on the different products on the market and guide into making the best decision in terms of design and comfort. So, let’s take a look at the most popular sofas on the market this year and the reasons why they are trending.

The English Rolled-Arm

English Rolled-Arm sofas have been around for quite literally hundreds of years. And, if 2019 is anything to go by, they are not going anywhere soon. They traditionally feature low arms and tight upholstery which can be considered as quite dated when it comes to comfort but are a popular and modern choice for many homeowners all around the world.

The Camelback

The Camelback sofa is the complete opposite of what you would consider a modern sofa. They are curvy, and they look antique, and not easy to find. However, they are growing in popularity in 2019 because of their high quality and elegance. Out of all the sofas listed in this article, Camelback sofas are by far the most expensive. One thing to be aware of if you are considering this type of sofa is that they are not that practical and they really solid pieces of furniture.

The Tuxedo

This popular style of sofa came about over 100 years ago and is now making a serious comeback. The Tuxedo sofa is popular amongst those who like the retro look. They have a square frame and square back, so if you are not a fan of 90-degree angles, then we would advise against buying this type of sofa. The only downside to the Tuxedo sofa is that they come in limited colours, which slightly restricts how they fit into an overall living room design.

The Convertible

The convertible sofa boasts a rather contemporary design that isn’t for everyone, but it is extremely popular because of how much flexibility it can offer homeowners. This type of sofa could be considered as a type of Futon, as it can convert into a type of air mattress for when you have overnight guests stay at your house. Convertible sofas are available in a plethora of different colours and designs, so they are an excellent option for those who want to think outside of the box when buying a sofa that is great for socialising on but also practical when it comes to necessities.

The Futon

Futons are an all-time favourite type of sofa, but their popularity has skyrocketed this year, and for good reason. They are the most practical sofa on the market and a popular choice for those looking for an extremely practical upholstery solution. They are popular amongst students and the younger generation because they are compact and versatile. They also one of the most affordable sofas on the market.

The Sleeper

The sleeper sofa (which can also be known as a pull-out sofa) has a mattress built into its design which makes it extremely practical for those who have guests stay at their home on a regular basis. It’s one of the most popular sofas on the market for a myriad of different reasons. But, one of the most popular reasons why this sofa is so popular is because of its minimalist look. Additionally, it comes in many different colours, which gives buyers a lot of room to work with when buying one.

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