The Most Common Myths About Floor Paints – Busted!

Floor paint is an integral part of the entire painting project – be it for a residential or an industrial complex. In fact, you may think which floor in the entire building needs to get painted? The indoor floors will either have wooden flooring or marble flooring or at the most mosaic. Apart from the floors of the rooms which constitute the centre of attraction for everyone, there are many such areas for example – garage, the landing space of the house, a small wash area at the back of the house or a utility balcony adjacent to your kitchen area etc. These are the places that demand attention and investing in good epoxy paint will make life so easy for you that you will be glad that you got it painted in the right manner. Floor paint company in India are providing with some amazing options that will give the desired effect and satisfactory results.

Now, the concept of floor painting needs some good amount of clarification and understanding before you decide to just go and buy a tub of floor paint. Why? Because, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths that will make you go perplexed with the entire idea. A residential house will never look complete without the garage floor painted. And you can’t even think of giving floor painting a miss for industrial floors.

Myth#1 You don’t Need Epoxy Paint. Any Paint Will Serve The Purpose

Well, before making up your mind, you need to understand what epoxy paint is. Epoxy paint comprise of a special formulation that make it colorfast, impact resistance and non reactive to UV rays. It is also capable of controlling the green growth formation and has anti-rust property in case it is used on metals. It is also used to repair pits and cracks on concrete floor. Epoxy paint has been formulated keeping in mind its purpose and hence can’t be equaled to any tub of paint.

Myth#2 Epoxy Paints Are Expensive

Well it is tad bit expensive, especially since Indians do not have the habit of doing such work by themselves. Getting is done through some painting contract will cost you some good amount but it will be life sorting and worth every penny. Nevertheless, speaking to your epoxy floor paint supplier in India will open up a range of products at different price point. Firstly, the look and feel of the painted garage floor or the floor at your factory will bring that satisfaction that any tub of paint will not be able to buy for you. Secondly, it will be a big relief as you will know that you have treated the floor right so that you don’t have to revisit it for touch ups or sorts for a long time now.

Myth #3 It requires frequent Touch ups

It will not be as frequent as it is made out to be. With just normal cleaning routine floor paints stay well for a long time. Having said that noting is permanent in this world and so are floor paints. It will need to be redone as and when required.

Myth #4 Painting Floors Need No Prepping

For a layman to understand this, when the walls are painted in our homes a lot of rubbing and scrubbing are involved. And when it comes to the concrete floors, they are much more exposed to dirt and all sorts of things that are kept on them while the work is going on. Hence, the require prepping much more than the wall paint. Make sure the floor is absolutely clean from any king of adhesive, grease or dirt which may give it an uneven look after painting and will also wear away very easily and fast.

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