The methods of cleaning household windows thoroughly

The windows are the essential parts of a house, and their cleanliness should be ensured for aesthetics as well as for health purposes. The windows should be cleaned twice or thrice a year.

Most people do it by washing and scrubbing the windows with towels or paper, cleaning sprays and grease. In spite of rubbing so hard, the windows end up looking dirty because of the static charge produced by scrubbing. The static charge attracts the dirt and the dust, causing them to stick to the window just as the cleaning is finished.

The best way to have clean windows is to hire professionals providing Window Cleaning Services. The professionals have the correct equipment for cleaning the windows, and therefore, they are much more reliable.

To Learn more about domestic window cleaning, you can visit their office and know about the methods they employ while cleaning windows.

The methods of cleaning windows thoroughly have been mentioned below:

domestic cleaning,

  • Prepare your equipment: Prepare all your window cleaning equipment and place them in an area which is easily accessible from all the windows that need to be cleaned. Use a good spray along with window screen cleaning machines to clean the screen of the windows.
  • Cleaning multi-pane windows: You can use a sponge or a hog-bristle brush to clean the multi-pane windows. You only need to squirt the liquid soap in water and then soak the sponge or brush in it to rub the window panes from the right to the left and ultimately to the corners to remove the dirt. Then, pull a squeegee from the top to the bottom to wipe each pane. Make sure that you clean the blade after each stroke so that it does not leave any stains. The streaks on the glass can be removed with a chamois. Use a rag to wipe the window sill.
  • Cleaning picture windows: The picture windows can be cleaned with the help of a strip applicator. The strip applicator cleans the dirt very quickly. The correct way to use the squeegee while cleaning such windows is to use it in a reverse S pattern beginning from the top left. The water remaining on the edges should be cleaned with a damp chamois, and then the window sill should be dried with a rag.
  • Removing stubborn spots: Stubborn mineral spots left on the windows can be removed by scrubbing with cleaning powder and steel wool after the regular cleaning of the window.

You can take the help of a Window Cleaning Services provider to clean your windows quickly. This will save your time and effort. To Learn more about domestic cleaning, you can seek the advice of the professionals about the equipment and cleaning methods that will be suitable for your windows.

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