The Fundamentals of Inspirational Interior Design

For a lot of us, being creative is instinctive. Creativity is one of those traits that separates us from more primitive animals and is something that has been practiced over an incomprehensible amount of time. Design and style have become much more important to us over the years and is something that we all want to imbue our homes. However, style and design will vary from each individual person to the next, so what would be the benefit of hiring someone else, such as an interior designer in North Wales, to tell you what how you should and should not have your home? Here we will look further into the fundamentals of inspiration interior design and why it is incredibly beneficial to hire an expert interior designer.

Interior design is about far more than just “what looks the part”. It is about the view points of an individual and the way that we utilise the space we have available and truly enjoy being in them. There are many of us that believe they don’t have the necessary skills or knowledge to truly utilise the space they have, and to create a home that they adore. This is the first instance where an interior designer comes into play. A good interior designer will add brand new dimensions to a living space and will increase the efficiency of the homeowner’s daily life. Experiencing a well thought-out living space can really the lift the spirits of both occupants and guests.

There is often a state of confusion after hearing the terms “interior architecture’, ‘interior design’ and ‘interior decoration’. So what are the differences between these individual professions? Well, their distinctions are not necessarily absolute. Often it can be dependant on the location of the designer; however, these further details should have to draw a boundary between each professional:

A general architect will use walls, ceilings and floors to define the space that, when combined, forms the buildings structure. They will take both an intellectual and practical approach to their design, whilst incorporating the needs of the buildings location. Many architects will only provide the layout and style of a building; however, some will go further by providing furniture layouts and decorative schemes. An interior architect will only be concerned with taking the existing structures of a building and re-designing them, often for a brand new or more efficient purpose. The previous aesthetic of the building’s interior will be taken into wide consideration but often will be changed should it not correlate with the new designs.

An interior decorator will work predominantly with the existing space and will not suggest any major physical transformations, unless deemed absolutely essential. They will completely transform the existing space through the use of colour, light and various decorative finishes. An interior designer will span the available ‘ground’ between interior architects and interior decorators. These designers will take complete control over the planning of the space and come up with decorative schemes as well as suggestions for major construction changes.

An interior designer will often ask the client for a detailed brief of what they hope to achieve in their living space. This is helpful for the designer to ensure that the client has taken an appropriate amount of time to consider their request, and really come to terms with whether they need an interior designer. Having a pre-written brief will allow both the client and designer to discuss any potential concerns early on and will almost always have a positive effect on the business relationship. The more defined the client brief is, the easier the interior designers job will be. However, a professional and experienced interior designer will be able to handle as much of the home improvement North Wales projects as necessary.

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