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The dwelling is a living organism whose interior is changed in line with the needs and trends of the day. Most of us have them. Various nips and souvenirs, but how should they be used in the decor? “Travel memories and small heirlooms are a great shortcut to a personal home, partly because no one but us usually has these things, and partly because there are good stories about things. Thus, dead things become cultural-bearing, and the tales tie people together. It is a good idea to collect nips on a tray – it is practical in terms of cleaning, and so it makes peace with a tableau, if the nips are scattered around the home on any possible free surface, says the expert, pointing out that it can create dynamic contrast if one chooses a modern tray. The retail interior design services are perfect here.

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Food for thought

Soft fabrics and textiles in the form of curtains, blankets and pillows are highly underestimated. Having something alive in your home gives something very special. Plants into glass jars also add some extra fabricity, seeing the soil and roots.

Wow effect

Any home should have wow effect on a large or small scale. “At least in one place at home, create space for that particular thing or effect where guests on a tour trip up and ask for the story behind. It can be anything from a unique vintage cup or a homemade bench to an outdoor indoor or an oversized lamp. “

Workplace in the middle of it all

Today, we are doing more and more things at home, as we used to do out of the house. We make our own gourmet food, watch movies in the home theater and work at home. It requires a new view of the interior. If you only work at home during the day or evening, you can as well make a virtue of necessity and create a welcoming work universe, so you do not end up burning laptop thighs and strange postures. This is a small but practical console table that is not too deep but has space for paper etc.

When the family is gathered at home, most people also want to be together. “The problem is that for so many years we have broken down walls. If in these big rooms there is room for everyone, it requires that you create them with special zones for example, children’s reading, reading or working – otherwise the device can easily flow together and appear cluttered in everyday life. Here is the children’s zone decorated close to the kitchen with free access for the child to the lower open shelves in the shelf.

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