Should Your Investments be Kept in a Safe Deposit Box?

Men and women have been searching for effective ways to store their valuables since the beginning of recorded time. Of course, the options and associated technologies have changed over the years. One of the most common methods involves the use of a safe deposit box. What are some of the advantages of such boxes and should your investments be locked inside? Let’s answer both of these questions.

The Benefits of a Modern Safe Deposit Box

the most obvious advantage of this method involves the fact that it is located within a secure building. The presence of cameras and other anti-theft devices are excellent deterrents, so the chances of a robbery are dramatically reduced. We should also point out that no one is allowed to know the contents of your safe deposit box, so privacy is legally guaranteed. It is just as important to point out that your valuables will be better protected from unexpected incidents such as fires and floods.

What Items Should (and Should Not) be Placed Inside?

Now that we have taken a look at some of the main benefits of a safe deposit box, should it be used to store your personal investments? The simple answer to this question is a resounding “yes”. However, there is still a caveat that needs to be mentioned. Try not to store any items that you might require on very short notice (such as passports, emergency medical information or power of attorney). Some boxes can only be accessed during business hours. Having said this, some investments that are perfectly suited for a safe deposit box include:

  • Rare or expensive coins and stamps.
  • Deeds to properties and any vehicles.
  • Stock certificates and certificates of deposit (CDs).
  • Jewellery and cash.
  • Important business papers and contracts.

You are normally provided with fiscal protection in the highly unlikely event that the establishment is burglarised and this is another added benefit.

For a small fee, safe deposit boxes can represent an excellent way to achieve a peace of mind in the knowledge that your valuables are being protected at all times. Would you like to learn more about the other security options at your disposal? If so, please contact Secure Safe. One of our expert support specialists will be happy to explain our service as well as your choices. As important valuables can rarely be replaced, guaranteeing their security should always be a priority.

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