Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems: How They Work And What Do You Need

If you own or manage a restaurant then you should know that having a working restaurant fire suppression systems is a priority. You may have already encountered someone that’s offering to install one for you especially if you’ve just bought a place where you’re going to put your restaurant in.

Knowing what restaurant fire suppression systems and how they work is important when it comes to staying up to code. You’re going to have a lot of things to keep in mind especially when you’re finally going to get it inspected and audited. The very first thing that you should know, however, is how they work. It’s important that you know what their functions are.

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Depending on the brand that you chose to go with, there’s going to be a list of differences when it comes to the fire suppression system that you’re going to install. However, they all work in a similar manner. When the suppression system that you’ve connected to the hood over your cooking station has a direct route to the gas line, you have the ability to automatically shut the entire process when there’s an emergency.

This is an important thing to have since you might encounter a fire hazard such as a grease fire that can still spread throughout the system that you’ve put in place in your kitchen. When you have a properly ventilated room and you know that the hood of your cooking station is well ventilated as well, there’s going to be less headaches for you and the people working inside that particular room.

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Manual vs Automatic

Depending on the number of people that you have on your staff roster, you’re going to make a choice on which you should get when it comes to your restaurant fire suppression systems. There are automatic systems that detect a specific amount of level that your kitchen can reach in terms of temperature and fuel usage before shutting off while there are also those that just state the levels and leave the controls to whoever is in charge.

If you don’t have a big team, then you should definitely opt for the automatic system. There might be complications that could arise especially during busy hours when the automatic system shuts off due to an increased usage even though there’s no actual fire hazard going on. These are the things that you can always get modified depending on the vendor that installed the system.


You can ask any inspector and auditor and you’ll find the answer that you’re looking for. However, there are times when you’re told that it’s necessary even though it’s not. If you have one, then it’s a useful precaution for the event that something uncontrollable does occur. However, if you just have a small kitchen to manage then installing an overly complicated fire suppression system might be a waste of time, resources and spacing. It’s entirely up to your discretion in this case.
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