Real Estate Price is Influenced by Virtual Staging

The real benefit for real estate is that through virtual staging the price of a property increases. Till now a lot of realtors has confirmed that the price of a real estate is increased by virtual staging.

Two studies were done in 2012 and 2015 on virtual staging. The first study was conducted by real estate professor, and he concluded that virtual staging didn’t increase the price and had no influence on homebuyers. But the second study which was done extensively with the help of three real estate professors, and they offered the buyers many alternatives including:

  • Vacant unfurnished home;
  • A home with awful unsuitable furniture;
  • Beautifully furnished home.

All the homes were put under almost the same price excluding the price of the furniture put in those homes. And of course, most of the buyers went for the homes with nice furniture. This also made that home got sold fast.

So, Does Virtual Staging Influence Pricing of a Home?

A lot of real estate agents admit that virtual staging influences the price of the property at some level. When the list of the buyer is seen, you can see the overwhelming emotions they put on the property they have seen in virtual staging. Therefore, a virtual staged property is appreciated by a buyer means that the buyer is willing to pay a little higher if the property is not sold to anyone else by the time, they manage to buy the property.

Definitely, there will bea lesser buyer of this kind who will pay more, but if the seller sets up the price a little bit from the start, then in a couple of weeks the seller would come to know if anyone is interested in buying that property. And this is the reason that no one wants to officially admit that they sold the property for a higher price, leaving no official record of any clear-cut survey being taken place. But in one voice a lot of real estate experts say that virtual staging has made their business easy, and those words can’t be neglected.

With a lot of benefits in selling the property, virtual staging also increased the price of the property. There are many situations where a real estate aided with virtual staging added more value to the property on sale. So, if you are thinking practically, you can make sure that virtual staging has some impact on the pricing of a property. So, it’s high time that seller takes notice of the influence of virtual staging and take advantage of it.

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