Questions To Ask General Contractor Before Hiring One

Planning to remodel any part of your commercial or residential space is an enormous undertaking. You want to save your time, money and also get the most of your investments. Choosing a contractor may be the first step, but you can’t just hire anyone you come across on the first page of Google.

With millions of agencies claiming to offer the best contractor services across the region, making the final decision can be quite a tricky task. Aside from doing obvious research like the license and registration of a construction contractor Chicago, you’ll also need to do some real hard work yourself. So, we bring to you the most important questions you must ask the service provider before making the final decision.

Can You Show Me Your Previous Projects?

It is very important that you never just go by the words of the mouth of the contractor. The past projects are very important that you must keep special emphasize upon. Even if the service provider is the reference of your close ones, never hesitate to ask for the past projects that the expert has completed, especially those that are similar to your own project. This ensures that you really know the quality of the finished projects.

 How Long Should It Take?

The final cost of contracts depends upon the time taken on the renovation or construction project. This is why it is very important to ask for the time it will take to complete your project. The timeline you receive must include everything legwork. Usually, a normal renovation project would take no longer than four to six months in an apartment building. It may increase when doing the renovation in larger spaces.

What Unexpected Things I Should Expect?

No matter how properly you plan the renovation, there are many things that may come across your way unexpectedly. As a professional and expert contractor, the service provider must realize what unexpected things you may face so you can be prepared in advance. Of course, you don’t want the contractor to shoot down everything you say, but it is very important that he or she can help you stay prepared with the best solutions. This may include securing approval from the building’s board, purchasing finishes and handling materials.

What Is Not Included In Your Proposal?

This is a very important question, which most people underestimate while taking the quote from building contractors. Most contractors offer proposals that include various things like labor and raw materials, and there are many hidden costs that are not included. Many contractors offer proposals with hidden charges for pitching a very appealing price. The all-inclusive proposals are always the best options when you are choosing the general contractors.

When you are planning for a renovation project, it is important to stay on the safer side with the above-mentioned questions. This way, you can be sure that you are choosing the best service provider and saving your time and money on the project.

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