Pressure Washing – Should You try to DIY?

There’s nothing quite like pressure washing when it comes to making a home’s exterior look like new again. Power washer rentals are among the top tools home owners turn to for a fast, efficient inexpensive clean. The fact is that, most are unaware of that fact that, without the right equipment and training, things can go wrong fast. If the DIYer doesn’t know what they’re doing, it’s easy to damage siding, decks and walkways – damages that can be costly.

Pressure Washing – Not as Easy as It Appears

As is often the case with tasks that appear to be easy, there’s more involved with pressure washing than you would think. Any professional, highly-trained pressure washing professional will tell you that handling a pressure washer requires experience and skill to complete efficiently and safely. Listed below are some costly and common mistakes that DIY pressure washing attempts frequently cause.

Excessive Pressure

One of the most common mistakes DIY pressure washers make is using excessive pressure says Bob Pergolotti of Fairfield County Power Washing. The fact is, it’s easy to miscalculate the power of the jet of water that pressure washers release. This “pressure” often causes inexperienced DIYers to damage home siding and blast strips of wood off decking. Professional pressure washers know how to expertly use the equipment, and the proper distance, ensuring that they can safely harness the high-pressure cleaning power involved without damaging the home.

Not Using the Right Solution

A lot of DIY pressure washers unknowingly make the mistake of just loading the washer with water. The problem is that if the appropriate ratio of cleaning solution isn’t mixed in, the effectiveness of pressure washing is significantly reduced. When this happens, most people apply far too much pressure to make up for lost cleaning power. In addition, when only water is used, it can end up spreading mold spores around. The extra pressure can also lead to costly, mold-related damages.

Cleaning in the Wrong Order

Although not as damaging, cleaning in the wrong order will basically make all your efforts pointless. This also means that the money you paid for the rental is wasted. For example, cleaning the windows before pressure washing will end up leaving them covered with dirt and grime (which can also end up scratching the glass). This might sound like an obvious mistake that could be easily avoided, but a lot of people make it.

Cost vs. Results

A lot of home owners find that once the cost of the rental, transportation (to and from the location they rented it from), the time it takes, and the results achieved are factored in, they would have been better off hiring a professional pressure washing service. When inexperienced DIYers end up damaging their homes, the cost effectiveness is skewed even more, causing them to end up paying significant repair costs for what was a hard, long day of work that produced inferior results.

In conclusion, unless you have experience, you might want to consider the ease and cost effectiveness of hiring a professional pressure washing company  instead of doing it yourself. You’re sure to notice the difference a superior pressure washing job can make on your home’s siding, driveways and patios.

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