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Laminate harmoniously combines excellent performance and decorative qualities. The speed of installation, practicality, a wide choice of textures and colors are the main advantages over other flooring options. Despite the simplicity of caring for the material, surface deformation may occur, so it is important to know what to do if a laminate from water is swollen and how to fix such a nuisance.

Reasons for bulging laminate

Correct determination of the cause of damage will help in a timely manner to repair and eliminate defects. The main factors that cause the laminate to swell are:

Violation of the rules of installation: laying elements implies the presence of gaps. The size of the compensation distance from the lamella to the wall depends on the area of ​​the room and is 8-12 mm. The need for gaps is based on the content in the material of natural wood raw material, which is subject to contraction, or expansion under the influence of moisture or temperature changes. From National restoration experts this is a very important matter.

The influence of water – In the case of immediate removal of moisture from the web and drying, strong damage is not formed. Only with prolonged exposure to moisture can the surface swell. Subsequently, the expanded lamellae will need to be partially or completely replaced.

Low quality of the material – Cheap products do not have a protective coating, therefore, with any mechanical damage, the level of operational properties decreases. Cost-effective options are short-lived and will soon require a complete replacement of the coating.

Presence of moldings – The inability to expand the material due to the installed fasteners between the lamellae and the base can cause deformation. Only a floating installation method should be used, allowing the web to taper freely or to expand.

Wrong base – Poor quality base, made with violation of technology, can cause severe deformation. Such a defect is eliminated only by complete replacement of the substrate and dismantling of the upper web. It is recommended to perform a thorough treatment of the seams with a special sealant.

To avoid unpleasant manifestations in the form of bloating, deformation of the joints, the formation of waves, you can follow the basic rules and advice. High-quality products from proven manufacturers are more resistant to mechanical, temperature effects and moisture. It is important to adhere to certain rules for the use of the web in accordance with the class of laminate.

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Reliable waterproofing layer and properly made substrate protects against surface swelling.

Widely used adhesive method of laying, keeping the original appearance of the seams. Proper care will also prolong the operation of the floor covering. Systematic treatment with special means will protect against the harmful effects of moisture. Swollen laminate at the joints, the seams, and the appearance of waves can be the result of: violations of the rules of care, poor quality lamella base, the wrong substrate.

Lamella deformation at the joints

Increased dampness in the room and excess water during cleaning can cause swelling at the joints of the laminate the places most exposed to moisture. You should carefully squeeze the cloth when washing and avoid splashes on the canvas.

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