Living a Wonderful Life in Rural Kentucky

Kentucky, one of the 50 states of the USA, is a favorite among retirees who wanted to experience a rural way of life. The state is located in the eastern part of the country, and they are officially known as a commonwealth – a distinction that it shares with three other states. The soil in Kentucky is fertile, and it has attracted farmers for decades. Kentucky is also known for their nickname as the “Bluegrass State,” because the soil within their territory is fertile, making it possible for bluegrass to grow. 

The largest cities in the state are Lexington and Louisville, but most of the population prefers living in the countryside where they could manage their farms and their livestock. Kentucky ranks as one of America’s most picturesque states, and they have a lot of natural wonders to be explored. The number of national parks in the country is massive, offering different experiences to the residents and the visitors. The existence of natural wonders within the boundaries of Kentucky adds a charm to the state, making it a vibrant place to live.

Through the years, Kentucky saw an increase in their population. In 2010, the national census puts the number of people living in Kentucky to be at 4.3 million, and it is expected to climb in the years to come because of the huge number of people migrating into the state. Migrants who are coming into Kentucky originated mostly from large cities, and a considerable percentage were seniors who wanted to retire. They are choosing Kentucky because of its rural setting, making it possible for them to become farmers. Advertisements showcasing Kentucky land for sale is also prevalent in the state, mostly in rural areas. Original landowners are looking at the possibility of their lands being sold to retirees who wanted to spend the rest of their lives farming. Others are also purchasing the land to build their country homes.

The eastern side of Kentucky lies in the Appalachian Mountains, making it’s a suitable place for hiking and other outdoor activities. The western side of the state, on the other hand, is dominated by plains. People who chose to live in Kentucky tend to live in the plains, building their country homes from indigenous materials and starting to live a rural life. Others prefer living at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains because of the scenery that it provides, as well as the comfortable climate associated with it. People who are coming into Kentucky are saying that one of the challenges living in the state would be the distance of its major cities from the towns. However, others prefer it this way because they wanted the urban life to be situated far away from their farms, preserving the rural way of life around the community.

The state of Kentucky encourages other people to come into the state and build their homes to contribute to the local economy. The state of Kentucky heavily relies on agriculture, and more migrants mean more income for the state, especially if they would choose to live in the rural parts of the state to become farmers. Kentucky’s fertile lands make it one of the most attractive states to live in for farmers, and this fact can be proved by the number of farms and barns that can be seen across the state. There are also a lot of stories portraying how farmers from other places decided to settle in Kentucky, making it big in the field of agriculture.

For those who wanted to live in the state, all they have to do is to browse the internet and search for the most favorable area in Kentucky where they wanted to live. They could choose from hundreds of settlements found in the state, and see which land price would suit their budget. Once they managed to purchase the land, they could start planning how their homes will be built. They could work with professionals, helping them with the designing process. Once all of the plans are done, they could start working with the state government and retrieve all of the papers and certifications sealing the deal. Building the country home would last for a few months, and once it is finished, new citizens could move in and start enjoying the rural setting offered by Kentucky.

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