If You Do Not Use Carpet Protection Now, You Will Regret It Later!

Carpets need care

Having carpets in your home or office is a bit like having pets; they need constant care and attention. Quite aside from the usual scuffs and marks there are the added hazards of muddy footprints, spilled food or drinks and dirty pet paw marks, all of which are a nightmare to clean off.

The nightmare is made even worse if you have just laid new carpets which seem to mark up if you so much as look at them. You can mitigate the risk by choosing dark coloured carpets but the trouble with dark colours is that they tend to make the home or office look gloomy and smaller. That is why most people opt for light coloured carpets which, alas, show up every mark and stain however small and slight.

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Getting the builders in

New carpets are a problem and everyday use of carpets is also a problem, but those hazards are as nothing compared to the damage that refurbishment, redecoration or building work can do to you carpets. Paint or varnish that gets onto a carpet can be very difficult to remove and even if you do remove it the carpet may remain permanently damaged or discoloured.

But that may not even be the worst of it. Careless workmen, tools, heavy equipment or masonry can tear or damage carpets and that is something that cannot be steamed away. That kind of damage means new carpet for every room affected and possibly for hallways to as they often bear the brunt of the traffic in and out. The cost of carpet replacement after refurbishment work is definitely going to sting, especially as you are not really getting any value for the money spent; it is just replacing what you have needlessly lost.

Carpet protection

Fortunately, you can avoid this by opting for carpet protection. This is a very effective way of keeping your carpets, be they new or old, safe from spills, dirt, mud, paint and general wear and damage. They are inexpensive, easy to lay and are available in flame-retardant and non-flame-retardant options.

Furthermore, protection film is anti-slip and self-adhesive so once laid down on your carpets, they stay there until you remove them. Many people try to protect their carpets during renovation work by laying down old bedsheets or plain polyurethane sheets, but the former tend to wrinkle up and expose the carpet beneath them and the latter tend to tear very easily thereby defeating the object.

Pounds and sense

If you have just forked out money for new carpets or if you’re paying for an expensive renovation, you really don’t want to have to replace your carpets again. That way lies ruin! You can spare yourself this heartbreak with by investing much less money in proper carpet protection film and a product that has been made expressly for that purpose. Old bedsheets or thin polyurethane are self-defeating expediencies.

Of course, protection film is not a long-term option. If you’re protecting new carpets, you will want to take off the film after a while. But for short-term needs they are the perfect solution and will save you far more than they cost.

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