How To Take Care Of Outdoor wooden Jhooladuring Monsoons?

Outdoor furniture, especiallya wooden jhoola, is aesthetically uplifting. They are classy as well as long-lasting. However, wood may get damaged if it is exposed to harsh weather, particularly during the monsoons.

Some easy and simple tips may help you get through the rainy season without damaging the condition of your favourite wooden swing.

  1. Understand the weather conditions of the place where you live

Each geographic location has a specific weather condition. One must opt for protective measures as per the locational settings. For example, if you live in a place that has longer summers, then painting is an effective preventative measure for your outdoor swing. However, receiving heavy rainfalls necessitates the usage of water sealant during monsoons.

  1. Coating and varnishing

Before the arrival of rainy seasons, owners must coat as well as varnish their wooden swings.That’s because these are susceptible when exposed to moisture. One must also seal its joints and apply protective coatings for maximum safety. Those sealants and coatings are easily obtainable in local markets.

  1. Avoid spilling of liquids

Placing web substances or spilling liquids is a big no-no for wooden swings. If moisture seeps in, its surface cracks up easily. It also leaves dark stains and damages the texture.So, try to keep your swing dry, especially during the rainy season.

  1. Painting your swing

Paints reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Thus, it provides maximum protection from damages as it safeguards the woodbeneath that paint. On the contrary, exposing your wooden swing to the harmful UV rays deteriorate its condition eventually.

Latex paint works better in comparison to paints that have oilbases. There are two reasons for this – one, it lasts longer in comparison to the latter; and two, latex paint is easier to apply.


  1. Consider using covers

Outdoor swings along with other wooden fixtures have a longer lifespan if owners use covers to protect them from harsh weather conditions including pollution and other harmful elements. However, ensure that you take proper measurements before buying those covers, as even one size smaller or bigger won’t serve the purpose.

  1. Shift placements during monsoons

This is a smart way to ensure the protection of that stunning wooden swing of yours. Instead of keeping it at the patio’s edge, drag it towards the centre and keep damages at bay.

  1. Clean it up!

It is essential that you clean up your wooden swing periodically. This will keep the natural shine of that wood intact. However, there is a specific way of cleaning wooden furniture.

Here’s how you do it:Dip a clean cloth in a mild detergent soap, wring that cloth dry (almost), and then wipe all the surfaces of that swing. Immediately rinse and dry the wet areas using a soft cloth.

You may also use oil polishes and cleaners occasionally to make it appear bright and shiny. These make the wood slippery and protect it from damages.

Hence, you have some of the best preventative and protective measures for your wooden swing during rainy seasons on your fingertips!And if you’re planning to invest in a new wooden jhoola, go ahead without any worry. Its maintenance is easy and hassle-free.

Post Author: Teresa Sabo

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