How To Mow A Perfect Lawn

As the summer season approaches, most of the people decide to mow their lawn as there is no other time perfect than this. It might be quite tough for anybody to make the lawn so that the neighbours could envy. In this article, we will give you a few tips that will surely make your neighbours envy of your lawn

Tips On Mowing A Perfect Lawn

Here are some tips that will tell you about how to mow a perfect lawn

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Mow Safe

The first and the foremost thing that anyone should keep in mind is that when will it be safe to mow the lawn. It might seem that lawn mowing is a simple task for most of the people but here are some of the safety tips that one should keep in mind

  • It is important that the owner of the house should read the manual of the mower carefully
  • Remove all the unwanted objects from the lawn before you start to mow the lawn
  • Make sure that the safeguard is placed on the mower
  • It is important that you have dressed properly and have worn tight fitting clothes
  • While you are mowing, it is important that you keep the children and the pets out of the area
  • If you are using an electric mower then always make sure that you are keeping the wire behind you and not on the line of mowing

Mowing On Dry Days Can Be Tough

In some of the countries, it becomes extremely tough to mow the lawn on dry days. However, if the lawn is wet then it becomes quite easy to mow as the wet grass makes the blade work smoother

Know The Time Of Mowing

One of the best times to start mowing is in the early February to the early March. One can mow the lawn after every 15 days till the month of May when the weekly mowing begins. Mowing the lawn fortnightly should begin again in the month of September. However, one can continue mowing the ground until the month of September.

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Trimming The Grass To Right Height

Most of the mowers come with the adjustable setting of the heights. If you are mowing during the spring season then you can set the blade high. Make sure you are not going very low as it might damage the lawn. The best length of the glass is between 2cma and 5cm.

You can use the mowers to add different design in your lawn. The landscape design of the lawn is one the popular ones

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