How to Install Vinyl Siding

Buying a home is a long-term investment.It’ll be able to serve you for the rest of your life. All this is dependent on how well you maintain it.

Installing vinyl sidings helps reduce your maintenance costs. But this is dependent on the quality of installation. Getting everything right helps save you from hours of frustration later.

As a homeowner, seeking the services of an expert is recommended. Don’t hesitate to ask these experts to share their certifications and licensing documents. You may also want to seek their reputation in the market. Engaging a contractor who boaasts of negative reputation only yields trouble. Don’t do it.

The following are some basic tips on how to install vinyl siding. Take a look..

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  1. Prepare the Walls

Installing siding on your walls helps lock out weather from your home. Because vinyl materials are flexible, they need a flat and sturdy backing. Otherwise, your resultants walls will look wavy or bumpy.

But that’s all easy if you’re installing vinyl for the first time. What happens if you want to do installations over an old siding?

  1. Sheathing for Vinyl Siding

A weather resistant sheath is an easiest and fastest way to make the surface flat. However, it becomes tricky when dealing with additional thickness where the siding meets your doors and windows.

In such a case, it’s easier to build out the door and window frames before starting on the process. Otherwise, you’ll be better off removing the entire old siding and starting afresh with sheathing.

If you want to get a spectacular appearance for your completed siding installation, use quality sheathing without any warping or buckling.

If your condition and fasten the external sheathing, it’ll eliminate any possibility of buckling and swelling that may happen with an unstable wood.

  1. Install Starter Strips and Trim

Once the sheath is flat, you’re ready to start the installation process. Start by installing the corner posts and the starter strips. These are responsible for receiving your siding panels.

Be careful when using these mounting strips. Some may be the same for vertical and horizontal strips and others aren’t.But remember, the mounting strips you choose are dependent on your riding style. Will you use a vertical or horizontal vinyl siding?

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  1. Install Corner Posts

Corner posts are crucial in any siding installation process. They hold the vinyl material in position. But how do you install these posts?

Position them at the interior and exterior corners. Drive two nails into the uppermost to suspend the post. Check with the level to see whether there are is any plumb. If not, nail them every 10 or 12 inches.

But what happens if the posts are either too short for your wall? Well, cut them in a way that they’ll still shed water.

  1. Install the Door and Window Trim

But before doing this, caulk around all the openings. Use the exercise to create an air and moisture-proof seal. From here, install the tops, sides and then bottom surrounds for your windows.

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