How to Incorporate Canvas in Interior Design

There are many materials that can be incorporated into the design of your interiors. In this post, our focus will be on canvas. It has a unique texture that gives prints a different appeal compared to when they are printed on paper or other mediums.

In Photos

Photos make great decorative pieces, especially if you want your space to have a homey feel. You can print photos on canvas and hang it on the wall. Most people do it frameless. There is no need to worry about dust because it can be easily cleaned. You can print one large photo and make it a focal point in the living room. This can be a family portrait. Alternatively, you can also pint smaller pieces and make a gallery wall in the foyer. Take a look at the best canvas prints for photos if you need inspiration.

In Art

This works pretty much the same as above, except that you are printing artwork and not a photo. Your personality will dictate which art is best to be on canvas to incorporate into your interior design. If you have white walls, a good idea is to incorporate geometric patterns with bright colors. If you want a more elegant feel, on the other hand, choose black and white for the printed art.

In Pillows

Printed pillows will make the bed more comfortable, especially if it is printed with photos of the people you love. Call it cheesy, but won’t it make you feel not far from a loved one if you have a pillow with his or her face? However, some people do not like the texture of the canvas and may feel uncomfortable. As an alternative, you can have canvas prints in throw pillows instead and display it in the living room. Check out Shutterfly for some personalized pillows.

In Placemats

The dining table is often ignored when it comes to interior design. It is not enough that you choose a good dining table design that suits your space. You should also exert effort in decorating the actual table, especially if you are hosting a party at home. Some of the best ways to do this include choosing stylish tableware, putting an attractive table centerpiece, and having canvas placemats with your choice of prints.

In Curtains

Canvas is not a common choice when it comes to curtains, but you can be bold enough and give it a try. It is quite thicker compared to most curtain fabrics, so this will make an excellent choice if you would like to block light from the outside. Curtains made of canvas can be printed with patterns that will match your wall. If the wall is light-colored, look for designs with darker shades to perfectly complement the rest of the interior.

This year, make canvas the king of your interior design. Take note of the things mentioned above for some creative ways of using canvas to decorate your home.

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