How to Choose a Company for Solid Wall Insulation or External Rendering

There will be many homes in need of solid wall insulation or external rendering across the United Kingdom right now. But how do you know if your home is one of them?

The cold facts about solid walls is they lose heat twice as fast as one with a cavity wall insulation. Therefore, installing a solid wall insulation is certain to save you money on your heating bills. So choosing to have them insulated is a very wise move but there are complications so make sure that you read through this thoroughly so that you have all of the information that you will need.

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Most would argue that solid walls could so easily be knocked down and rebuilt with a cavity built in place; but, for a variety of reasons, this is rarely possible. Solid walls are often very old and built around 80 years ago or more. Many are listed walls or partitions that act as a foundation (supporting) wall. That means they cannot be knocked down.

The only way to sure up a solid wall and to make it economically work for you is to insulate it. A Solid Wall Insulation fitting will keep in the warmth and make your home a lot cosier. When choosing a company to help you with external rendering and solid wall insulation, you should look for a specialist business.

There are many companies online and in the Yellow Pages that advertise as installers. Many will be able to provide loft installations, cavity wall installations and roof insulations; but not necessarily external rendering and solid wall insulations.

If your home was built before 1919, it is highly likely it will have solid walls throughout (including on the exterior wall). So, the very wall that protects us from the cold and damp would be just one solid wall.

Instagroup provide a service where professionally installed insulation boards are affixed to the solid wall – usually on the exterior façade – giving the appearance of your home a much fresher and cleaner look.

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External installations are made up of a rail frame, many insulation boards and a render to make it well protected against the elements. As well as being warm in the winter, the house will also benefit from being much cooler in the hot summer months.

If you have a listed building and you do not want to alter the appearance of the external façade – it is possible to insulate through the wall internally. Again, a specialist solid wall insulation business and external rendering construction outfit must be sought.

So choosing a specialist company like Instagroup (they cover Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Hampshire) is the only choice if you want the best job doing of your solid wall insulation. They can deal with almost any kind of wall and make sure that you get the very best results for your home and deliver insulation that will save you lots of money on your heating bills and keep your home very warm and cosy

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