Housewarming Gifts for Someone Who Already Has Everything

It can be quite a challenge to buy a housewarming gift for that individual or couple in your life that seem to have everything. You want to help them celebrate their new move and want to get them something useful or at least special to mark the occasion, but are drawing blanks on anything that they might not already have.

Fortunately, we are here to help with a selection of great housewarming gift ideas that you may not have considered.

Label Maker

Okay it may not sound like the most amazing or interesting gift, but you’d be surprised how quickly a label maker comes in useful. Even if the person or couple you are buying it for are not particularly organized, a label maker might be the turning point. They will appreciate the thought at the very least and it may ensure they keep their pristine new home neat and tidy with everything in its place and a place for everything.


Wine is an ideal gift for absolutely any new homeowners. Even if you are not sure if they like a nice white or red, wine is a very practical gift. It’s likely that at some point they will have guests round for dinner or host a party. That extra bottle of wine, even if they didn’t want to drink it, could be offered to their guests.

Jars of Pre-made Meals

Moving into a new home, as anyone who has ever done it will testify, is an incredibly stressful experience. It can leave little time or energy in the reserves for contemplating cooking a healthy meal. That is why so many people end up eating out or ordering takeaway meals in their first week or so in a new place. A great housewarming gift therefore would be to give them the option to have healthy, hearty meals that they only have to warm through and put on a plate or bowl to enjoy.

Fill up jars with a wide variety of different meals and decorate them either simply with just a label explaining the ingredients or with fun pictures describing what’s inside.

Gift Card

Another way you could make it easier for even the couple or individual who has everything moving into a new place is by giving them a gift card for their local grocery store or supermarket. Even if you only give them enough for a couple of weekly shops, this will be a weight of their shoulders while they try to get their finances and budget in order after the expenses of moving.

Housewarming Gift Basket

A housewarming gift basket is another perfect idea for someone who has everything. It may not be the most practical, but if you get them a selection of their favorite tasty treats, their sweet tooth will be happy. It can also take a lot of the anxiety out of the move by having some sugary goods to munch on. Alternatively, if you get them a gift basket full of pampering bath items, they’ll be able to soak and wash off all the stress.

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