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Renovation is a necessary part of house ownership. Houses do undergo wear and tear and their upkeep is primary to maintaining a dwelling in good condition. But sometimes we are hampered by our budgetary constraints. Is it possible to do a home renovation using a little bit of money and some smart planning? Yes it is. Here are some DIY suggestions.

  1. A coat of paint- you’d be amazed at how much a home can perk up with some well applied paint. Choose bright colours and go room by room. Use safety equipment for the high places on the wall. Wear protective gloves and mask. Start with rooms that you don’t use too much so you can shift stuff into them at a later part of your project. If painting the house is a daunting thought, consider removable wallpaper for an instant pick-me-up.
  2. Exteriors- the look of a house is the first impression a visitor or passer-by gets. Think about what kind of paint you’d like for the outside of your house. Consider a contrast colour for the windows and trims. If you have an artistic friend, ask them to give you a hand by painting a mural on the walls. Don’t forget to paint the letter box, trim the lawn and the make sure that the plants are well looked after. Paint the front door in a bright bold colour for maximum impact.
  3. Clean those floors- while it may seem like a good idea to sandpaper the floors yourself, it’s not always possible. Some floor paint will do the trick. You can also use sticker flooring to cover old floor tiles. A carpet or an area rug for a floor that’s not too badly off may be a good idea too.
  4. Stick tiles- consider sticking tiles to protect your kitchen walls from any backsplash. They are as easy as cut to desired size and stick on the wall. No mess, no fuss. Staying with the kitchen, take a look at the cupboards and cabinets. Are they looking especially tired? A simple thing to do is changing the wood cabinet doors to glass. Make sure that you get the same size so you don’t need to make new brackets and drill holes. You can also paper the cabinet door with interesting patterns, if you want to keep things simple.
  5. Wall decorations- tired walls are gently lifted by some wall art or wall decorations. A collage of family pictures, some bright coloured paintings can be such a good idea. Make a trip to your local flea market and check out the artists there. You are sure to find some lovely things there at prices you can afford.

Before you go into a home renovation project, make sure you put your stuff in a safe place. You should consider climate controlled storage units Tucson for all your things. These units are designed to perform at peak efficiency to keep all your belongings secure. This way, your stuff will be in great shape to get back to your all new, all bright house.

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