Home cooling systems beyond the thermostat

Your first thought to cooling your home could be air conditioning, however, there are many other options that could give you even better cooling results than this and use less energy. Ventilation, proper insulation, daylighghting and many other options would work perfectly in keeping the temperatures cool even in the hottest climates.

Follow through as we detail some of the home cooling systems that could save you on energy big time.

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It could be natural or forced ventilation where you force air through the room with fans. The initial thing even before you build that house should be ventilation. Considering the climatic conditions in your location, you should get your house designed to allow for ventilation. Probably, you’ve already occupied the house and realize that you need more air into the house. An expert can help you get your house fanned appropriately. It is worth mentioning that fans accumulate dust with time, which can turn harmful to your family. Thus, an air conditioner cleaning service provider would help you in keeping it perfectly clean. This is the most energy efficient way to cool your house.

Planting trees around your house

A lot of heat that accumulates in the house is as a result of the direct sun light hitting the house directly through the windows and the roof. Therefore, planting leafy trees around the house would block the sun from directly hitting the home surfaces and therefore keeping your home cool. This is a lasting solution that provides natural air-conditioning without spending any bucks save for nurturing the trees.

Clothing your windows

Window screens are very effective especially on east/west facing windows. Window films are also perfect in reflecting heat before it is transmitted through the glass. However, these are effective when the windows are shut. Solar screens are two-fold; they aid in keeping the sun and insects out even when the windows are open.

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Make use of the freezer

You’ve used the fridge or that freezer to keep those perishables fresh; it’s a perfect household machine. Forget the kitchen work that it has been doing all the time, did you know that the same could be used to cool the air inside the room. Having it run and once it cools off, you open, the door for a few minutes- doing this over time would bring down the temperatures.

You don’t have to spend the thousands of dollars installing an expensive air-conditioning system. There are simpler and friendly ways to have the temperatures regulated. However, to get perfect results, you need to work closely with an air conditioning service provider.

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