Hire the professionals for water and fire damage

Restoration companies are the very first responder for several damages of home from fires, floods and water. You can also restore these damages by yourself if the damage is not serious. But for hiring the professional, you can check out the action 1 restoration news for knowing about the level of their services.

Restoration of water damage – There are restoration companies available who have specific tools like floor driers and blowers for removing the excess of water. Here are some essential tips that you have to do before getting any response from restoration companies. They are as follows:

  • Firstly, you have to find the area from where the water is coming. Therefore, the task is quite difficult but no impossible.
  • If you find the affected area under your home, it is necessary to shut off the sources of water for reducing the damage. If there is any source of electricity near the affected area, you might have to turn off the electronic item.
  • All your furniture and other personal items are important to be moved away from the affected area because water will cause the damage of your personal items.
  • In the next step, you have to remove the standing water from the affected area.  If the affected area is less than 100 square feet, you will restore it by yourself with the help of shop vac.
  • After all these procedures, you have to remove the wetness from the affected area for reducing the chances of growing mold over there.

Restoration of fire damage – After the fire, your property suffers from smoke and fire damages. Therefore, it would be a hard task to restore the fire damage by yourself but can be possible by utilizing some tips.

  • If the sign of fire damage is not too serious, you are able to remove the sign of smoke damages with the help of bleach and detergents.  You can also repaint the affected area for restoration but be sure that the area is properly cleaned and dry.
  • One of the biggest jobs is to remove the damage of smoke from your clothes. Send your all clothes to the post fire laundry who has much experience and skills of removing the smell of greasy soot from your clothes.
  • Cleaning of dish is also a major part of fire restoration because dishes are in contact of food and cause problem of health effect. So, it is necessary to clean them properly with the solution of bleach.

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