Granite: A Durable Stone For Benchtops

Every time you think of bench-tops and countertops, the first stone that comes to your mind is granite. Granite is a very hard, durable porous stone with a shiny lustrous look of marble at half its price. Granite benchtops in Sydney and other places are easily available in local retail shops. Granite is one of the most popular materials when it comes to countertops and bench-tops in the kitchen. One of the major reasons why granite is so popular among interior designers is because it is one of the most durable stones and also has an elegant look.

Reasons why granite is used for benchtops

There are several reasons that make granite one of the most sought-after stones if you are thinking about bench-tops and countertops. Here are the reasons:

Granites give you an expensive look and feel When people talk about bench-tops and countertops, granites are usually the first stone that comes to their mind, this is because the grand and elegant look that granite gives when you use it in your kitchen or anywhere else. You will often find home-makers wanting the look of an expensive stone like marble but the durability of a hard stone. Granite fulfills this desire completely. Certain types of granite like Bianco Romano have the veined look of marble, whereas Glacier White give a perfect white look of marble while retaining the quintessential tough texture of granite.

Granite is easy to clean Granite has a porous nature that makes it quite susceptible to stains. If you don’t use sealants even water can seep in and discolor the granite. However, one saving grace is that you can remove stains from granite using the materials that are lying around. You can create a poultice using flour and wicking agent to remove many stains from the granite bench-tops. The poultice can be applied using a painter’s tape on the stain and then cover it up with plastic so that it does not dry out too quickly. Keep it for a day and then remove the plastic wrap to let the poultice dry completely. Once it is dry, scrape it off with a spatula and then wipe it with a damp cloth. For your daily maintenance just use warm soapy water to keep the granite surface clean and shining.

Granites are not very expensiveThis is the last but no way the least important reason why granites are one of the most sought-after stones for bench and counter-tops. While there are many factors that determine the price of a granite slab, the average price range of granite is far more reasonable as compared to other stones. Also, granite is easily available in local markets and you can choose a slab of your choice from the nearest retailer around your home. Also, most granite companies take care of the installation process too.

No wonder granite is one of the most sought-after stones that you think of when you want to remodel your kitchen or think of designing your kitchen when you are making your house.

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