Gift Your Beloved Furniture Their Classy Shine Back With Furniture Restoration

Watching your favourite piece of art getting old and dust isn’t much of a joy, right? The aged rocking chair, keeping alive the moments of your grandma, on how she used to start with her famous ancient stories, remember it? Dad dusting off the bookcase where he still keeps his favourite comics of his time and mom trying hard to keep the teak wardrobe stand up straight without wobbling?

Well, there is a different kind of emotion attached to furniture and letting them go isn’t the easy choice many times. Owing to this passion, one has the best option to go for furniture restoration. This way you can breathe a new life into them, even though they have suffered enough from ravages of time.

furniture restoration

 Now with furniture restoration in Shropshire, you can assure yourself that your precious possessions will stay safe for years now again. To make them as good as new again, furniture restoration go through the following procedures:


Corner sofas, beds or other furniture may require physical structure replacement to an extent to do restore them to their original strength and look-alike. This kind of physical structure replacement may require alteration of a specific part or the whole replacement of it. By adding new materials, the antique look can be brought back and can be improved with a coat of antique materials to look more aged.

Having said this, one should never think that physical replacement will alter the originality of the furniture as this step is kept to a minimum with all the care taken.


A detail-oriented practice, conservation can help the furniture attain the same old look that it had in the first place. Using original materials (same as of the furniture piece), the original finished is restored. One can expect up to cent-percent design detailing in the sofas or other furniture.


Finish Restoration

Dirt accumulated over years on the furniture is removed with great care and if the structure is too thin, a coating of the same material is added on smoothly to add up the longevity of the furniture. Also, furniture restoration is concluded with re-emulsification of the original source, i.e., varnish or shellac. A carpet can be put on to make the furniture look classier.

During all these processes, great care is taken that your furniture stays in its original shape and size and the finished product comes out to be just like the one years back when you first bought the furniture.

. Any furniture, be it a bedor corner sofas or anything else, can be restored to their original condition depending upon their present state. For the best furniture restoration in Shropshire, you can contact us and we would help with all your decisions. Furniture over a period of time become part of the family and letting loose of them is an unbearable thought. We take a great understanding of this passion of yours and promise to deliver you the best.

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