Factors that affect the condition of your roof

The roof is what gives your house the outlook you desire and the value of it will be determined by how well it is maintained through regular cleaning and repairs. Roofs are destroyed when moisture permeates into the shingles hence promoting the growth of moss, fungi and bacteria growth. Structural damage of the roof allows water and dirt to get through the shingles and settles under the tiles where sunshine can’t reach.

Here are some weather conditions that lead to damage

Heavy rainfall

With the occurrence of heavy rainfall, water may accumulate on your roof and therefore creating a conducive environment for bacteria fungi and moss to thrive. After the heavy rains evident during the winter season, you may notice an unusual growth of moss and fungi. Thus, the intensity of rain that falls in a season would dictate how often the roof should be cleaned. Get a professional cleaner to do an assessment so that cleaning and necessary repairs can be done before it gets worse.

Excessive shade

Your home is nestled under large trees. Trees are beautiful, are good in keeping your place cool especially in the dry months of summer, and increase the property value. Unfortunately, this weather makes it hard for the moisture accumulated on the roof to disappear and thus molds and algae grow. If your house is under such condition, you need to have frequent inspection and cleaning.

Falling leaves and other debris

If your house is under trees, you’ll notice a frequent accumulation of leaves and such like debris on the roof. Thus, you need to contract the services of a professional cleaner who will be visiting frequently to clean and do any other necessary maintenance. The leaves accumulating on the roof cover moisture and this is an environment conducive for the growth of moss, fungi and other bacteria, which would destroy the shingles and cause leaks.

Snowy winter

When snow rests on the top of the roof for a long time especially during winter, this forms an environment, which is favorable for the growth of moss, algae and such bacteria, which would lead to the rotting of the wood underneath tiles. The windows get affected by the snow settling on them hence hindering visibility and when let to stay for long, leading to rusting. Thus, during this season, you should get a Window Cleaning Pembroke Pines professional on standby to regularly clean and maintain the roof and the windows.

Intense wind and hailstorms

In times of hailstorms and strong winds, the roof shingles and tiles may be destroyed and therefore, during this period, you should ensure that your roof is checked and major or minimal repairs done.

The different seasons in a year have their effect to the roof and that is why you need to contract the services of a good roof cleaning company who will ensure regular cleaning and general maintenance.

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