Essential Security Tips to Keep Your Bar or Restaurant Safe

For every branch of the hospitality and entertainment industry, the top priority is always the safety of customers and employees in case something happens. As a bar owner, you understand the fact that your clients want to enjoy themselves without having to worry about their safety.

Selling alcohol till late in the night means extra profits, but it also makes your business much more vulnerable. One mistake and your business could come down crumbling.

Furthermore, with so many different security options available to you, it is quite easy to get lost in a sea of information. So, what is the best way of keeping your bar business safe? Follow these simple tips, and everything will be alright.

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Install CCTV Cameras

Although this one might seem like an obvious security tip, the truth is that only a few bar owners have function CCTV cameras in place. Video surveillance cameras that are strategically located and visually present in your business premises can deter potential criminals.

Recorded video can also provide proof to pin a criminal down if anything bad were to happen in your joint. You c should also consider hiring security guards that will be monitoring the outside of your bar regularly.

Your patrons, employees, and customers will feel much safer knowing that you are actively monitoring everything that happens in and around your bar. However, make sure that all the surveillance cameras installed in your bar follow the law to prevent a breach of privacy.

Ensure That There Is Sufficient Lighting

It is common to find some bars that are a little bit dark and dingy. In some rare cases, this mode of lighting adds to their charm. However, from the security point-of-view, this isn’t ideal since it gives the criminals the chance to accomplish their missions unnoticed.

We aren’t suggesting that your bar should be brightly lit up, but you need to ensure that there is sufficient lighting in strategic areas such as the main entrance and exit points to help prevent instances of pickpocketing and petty theft.

Talk to your experienced lighting professionals from Dawnvale Group who will guide you on the appropriate level of lighting required during the bar setup process.

Empty the Till (s) Regularly

Another great way to ensure that a dangerous robbery doesn’t happen at your bar is to make sure that your tills are emptied quite regularly into a drop safe that is fitted with a burglar alarm. A robbery takes much longer if the robbers have to wait for one of your employees to open the safe.

This is a good strategy to buy time so that by the time they think of running away, the law enforcement officers will have caught up with them. Train your employees how to handle the drop safe and turn on the alarm just in case such an incident occurs.

Run Frequent Audits

Lastly, make sure that you take time to run frequent internal audits since the money that you lose internally might be much more than what you might lose to armed robbers.

However, if you develop the habit of conducting frequent stock checks and internal audits, your employees will know that you take security seriously and they won’t attempt anything stupid.

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