Easy and Affordable Decorating Ideas that Will Not Break Your Bank Account

If you happen to be on a tight budget, then you most certainly are not the only one. This is why we have collated some very easy budget decorating ideas that can help you make improvements to your home. The good new is, making small updates to your house can make a significant difference. They just require a tin of paint, trip to the loft, and a bit a love (and maybe a small amount of bargain hunting as well).

1. Find Some Flora

Any decorating scheme can have life breathed into it by plants. In all-white rooms they add a nice bit of colour. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry – you don’t have to pass on this tip. There are now many great fakes that are available that look very realistic – check out Blooming Artificial to find everything from trees to plants.

2. See if You Can Upcycle Your Furniture

If you are considering throwing out some well-worn furniture from your house, stop. Give it a second look to see if it is possible to upcycle it. A wardrobe can be given a fresh new look by adding wallpaper remnants to its glass panel. New upholstery, or a new coat of varnish or paint are other easy ways that an unloved piece can be given a new lease on life.

3. Get a Shelf Installed

Whether you would like to display beautiful trinkets or keep your favourite reads conveniently on hand, a simple shelf will serve you well. Shelves are very practical, but also offer the chances to give your scheme some added character.

4. Make Small and Subtle Changes

Kitchen units can be given a cheeky update through switching out cupboard and drawer handles to give them a brand new design. Simple door knobs and cup handles go well with a Shaker-style kitchen. Another thing that is very popular currently are stone worktops by Zen Stone and they suit nearly all modern and traditional kitchen schemes.

5. Make Your Storage Look Attractive

Anybody who loves interiors understands that their best friend is storage. Add beautiful floral boxes or cute trunks to feature in your storage. That will not only provide you with extra space for storing things in an uncluttered and calm way, but they will look fabulous as well.

6. Sort Your Space

Declutter your house as much as possible. Once your belongings have been returned to their official places, you’ll have lots of spare room which will create the illusion of having a bigger space.

7. Have Relaxing Candles Around

Collect the candles from all around the room and then arrange them together in the corner to create a combined scent. This is a lot more relaxing compared to bright light bulbs.

8. Get Your Bath Towels Accessorised

Your bath towels are an essential part of your home. Quite often they are rolled up inside of a cupboard or slung over the back of a door. Make a fashion statement by having your beautiful ones displaying and treat them like they are pieces of beautiful bathroom art.

9. Collate Your Blankets and Cushions

Take all of the cosy items out of your cupboard and then pile up all the throws, blankets, pillows, and cushions onto the bed. This will create a relaxing space and look like it comes right out of a room in a boutique hotel.

10. Introduce a Focal Point to Your Room

A focal point can be created by placing a giant lamp, bright piece of art, or large mirror centre stage. That will change your scheme’s dynamic and give the appearance that you have completely renovated the room.

11. Rearrange the Furniture

Move furniture around your room to ‘feng shui’ it and to welcome natural sunlight in, or clear the doorway and surround the fireplace. When furniture is placed at a new angle it can give a completely different look and is completely free to do.

12. Make a Display

Collect all of the artwork that is up in the loft and get around to hanging it finally. Hang your artwork similar to a photo gallery, or prop it up on side tables to provide the room with an interesting revamp.

Post Author: Teresa Sabo

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