Double Glazing Prices

To get accurate double glazing prices you will need to consider several factors. These include window style, colour, locking systems and glass options.

uPVC Window Styles

Firstly, what style of uPVC windows are you looking for? The most common style is casement windows. These windows are suitable for nearly all properties. They look good, offer noise reduction and energy efficiency. Double glazing prices for casement windows are affordable which is why they are the most popular choice among homeowners.

An alternative to casement windows is flush sash casement windows. This attractive style has a sash that sits flush against the window frame. This means from the outside the window is perfectly flat and the sash (opening section) does not protrude out from the building. The double glazing prices for this style are generally more than standard casement options. They will however add a touch of class to the look of a property.

If it is class that you are looking for you may also consider uPVC sliding sash windows. These windows offer a beautiful traditional look with all the benefits of uPVC. They are low maintenance, thermally efficient and secure.

uPVC Windows Options

Most homeowners opt for white frames for their double glazing. However, there are other options available. You can choose a wood effect which emulates the look of timber. Other available colours include grey, black and Chartwell green. The choice is yours!

The handles on your windows are also available in several colours. Popular choices include white, black, chrome and gold. There are also different locking systems that you can select. If security is a priority it is worth getting quotes for high security locking system options. This will of course affect the double glazing prices you are quoted so it is worth finding out.

Double Glazed Doors

Double glazed doors are also a popular home improvement. Like windows, they offer thermal efficiency and security. Prices for double glazed doors will also vary depending on the specification.

Double Glazing Prices Online

To get a good idea of how much double glazing costs why not get prices online. You can get an online double glazing quote that will allow you to compare products and styles. You will need to know your measurements, but this will allow you to get a guide price before you talk to installers.

The online double glazing cost calculator allows you to tailor your quote. This is useful as it means you can compare the prices of different options in a matter of minutes.

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