Cured-In-Place Pipe Technology Keeps Peace In Hotels And Apartments

Dealing with a burst pipeline or needing to replace old pipes is a big hassle for large buildings such as hotels and apartments. Oftentimes hotels have to close down for days or even weeks until the repairs or replacements are completed which affects their business significantly. Apartment owners also have to deal with all the noise and inconvenience brought by traditional plumbing methods.

Today, there is no need to use invasive, loud, and disruptive plumbing methods because CIPP is the quiet plumbing solution [READ: No jackhammers. No drills]. Here’s everything hotel and apartment owners need to know about CIPP and the benefits this plumbing solution offers:

What Is CIPP?

CIPP or cured-in-place pipe is an innovative pipe repair solution that does not require excavation or destruction of property. Instead, a technician uses air pressure together with a type of Perma-liner coating that creates a drain liner along the length of the pipe. This forms a strong structural bond that prevents pipes from leaking or breaking in the near future.

The Benefits

There are many benefits that come with choosing CIPP as your repiping solution. Here are the best advantages worth considering:

1 – A Non-Disruptive Solution

The drilling, jackhammering, and the excavation of the property to repair broken pipes pose as a major inconvenience for hoteliers and apartment owners. All of the noise created by the tools as well as the pipeline workers creates a stressful environment that will affect the lives of the apartment tenants and hotel guests.

Since CIPP is the quiet plumbing solution, there is no fear of hearing complaints or getting a low rating because CIPP repairs can continue at all hours of the day without being heard at all.

2 – The Savings

Traditional pipe repair methods require people landowners to hire different contractors to do the drilling, digging, and the excavation process. After the pipes are repaired and replaced there are additional costs to cover up the pipeline and restore the area. All of these will add up and cost a great deal which can damage a hotel’s yearly earnings.

With the use of the CIPP solution, there is no need to disturb the ground or create a mess to fix the faulty pipes.

3 – Long-Lasting Solution

The materials used in creating the CIPP are long-lasting and can withstand a lot of wear and tear before needing a replacement. Since the Perma-liner coating is protected by an outer layer of piping it is less likely to get damaged by the external surrounding. It is fair to say that the new pipe lining can last up to 50 long years.

4 – Addresses Several Piping Problems At Once

Not only is CIPP a silent and quick solution for replacing old and worn out pipes, but the lining can also be used to remedy plant or root intrusion, pipe corrosion, fracture pipes, and even correct faulty installation. It is an all-in-one piping solution that will never disappoint.

Call a CIPP specialist today and fix all piping problems at your hotel or apartment complex without any of the noise, hassle, or overwhelming expenses.

Forget jackhammers and drills. CIPP is the quiet plumbing solution offered by Advanced Pipe Repair. Contact us today if you’re looking for non-invasive plumbing!

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