Burglaries On The Rise In The UK: What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

New crime figures published in the UK have shown soaring rates of burglary. Budget cuts to police forces in some parts of the country has led to a significant reduction in the resources dedicated to tackling burglaries and other low-level crime. Police forces have even been reported as being not interested in burglary offences and criminals are now specifically directing their activities in localities where police are not following up burglary offences. With the prospect of burglars not being caught, it is up to homeowners to take measures to protect themselves and their property. Whilst it is never recommended taking the law into your own hands, there are simple, quick steps to take to prevent burglaries and mitigate against the potential devastating impacts.

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  • Install a burglar alarm

A burglar alarm is the main deterrent for any criminals on your property. Making sure that the burglar knows that they have been noticed is crucial to getting them caught or at the very least not stealing anything from your property. It is therefore of crucial importance that your burglar alarm is of a high quality, especially if you live in an area that is seeing substantial numbers of burglaries. Look for established companies providing premium burglar alarm installation services such AllCooper who cover Birmingham and the West Midlands

  • Use a safe

Your most prized possessions and family heirlooms are not to be left out. Using a safe can take out the risk of losing these items when you’re not at home. Safes can be relatively inexpensive and when securely attached to the floor or wall they will deter the vast majority of burglars from attempting to open them.

  • Keep keys out of site

You may not want to be constantly in and out of a safe to get your car or back door keys. However, do not leave them out in the open in the house. Place keys in the back of a drawer and cupboard that is easily accessible for you, but the last place a burglar would check.

  • Property marking/tagging

There are many ways of making sure that your property is easily identifiable, deterring any potential burglars. These include etching, UV pens, microdots, DNA and chemical marking. Each of these has their own positives and negatives but using any of these methods is a step towards making your home less attractive to burglars.

  • Get a guard dog

Perhaps a more trivial method for deterring burglars, this is one option that can really help. Dogs can be great fun to have around and with some proper training can provide your home with some real security. Although a large commitment, a large dog and some clear signage on the property will deter even the hardiest criminal.

Don’t let police budget cuts affect the protection of your property. These steps can deter burglars from targeting your property, helping you to feel more safe and secure both in and away from your home.

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