Beginners Guide to Choosing a Reliable Bristol Removal Company – Here’s How

Moving to a new house can be a stressful thing. Packing all your belongings and getting them to your new destination is no easy task – Even for someone who has moved to a new house several times. If this is your first time, then you are probably feeling very nervous! If you have attempted to move yourself in the past, then you know how tricky it can be! There are many removal companies Bristol around and it can be a tad over-whelming to make a choice: Particularly if you are a “beginner” in the moving game. Here’s a few vital points to consider when making your choice – Points that will help you choose a reliable company that will get the job done.

Who Are They?

Most professional companies have an “online presence”. A website or at least a developed FB page or both. Removal companies advertising in the man with a van column or through a small classified ad are often cheaper. However, are they experienced, registered and insured properly to carry out house removals? Professional and experienced removal companies will be able to provide testimonies. Lots of happy customers is the best publicity! If you do not check who you are trusting with your worldly possessions, you are effectively dealing with a stranger. Check their website and/or FB page for testimonies. Find out who and what you are dealing with to ensure they are reliable. Talk to friends. A good reputation speaks volumes.

Experience Counts

Like everything, the more you do a task the better you get at it! A well-established removal company will have the experience it takes to be organised and complete the move with the least stress possible. They’ve had time to work out what works and what to do when things go wrong. There can be delays. Things can get broken and even lost. Weather and access problems can arise. Transport can break down. Even the best laid plans as they say. If something did go wrong, having an experienced and equipped removal company crew that can handle problems and help provide solutions will be worth it’s weight in gold. They will have several transporters and staff that can help. Opting for a “one-man band” just might leave you feeling very lonely on moving day!

Are You Covered?

Insurance is vital when moving home. Choose a company that provides adequate insurance for you and your possessions. If a delay occurred who would pay for any extra expenses incurred? If you have particularly valuable possessions, are they covered? If any damage occurs to your home or your possessions, find out what is covered. Packing yourself can save money but if you do, it can cost in the long run. If you do not pack items correctly this might void any insurance. Make sure you are very clear on what is and what’s not covered. A man with a van might be cheap but if their insurance is limited you are taking a risk because things can and do go wrong.

The beginner and the inexperienced together is never the best combination: Somewhat akin to the old phrase, the blind leading the blind! If you have never moved before opting for a professional, experienced and reliable removal company is going to be your best foot forward.

Post Author: Teresa Sabo

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