Avoiding Drain Blockage through Proper Maintenance

The drainage system is arguably the most important component of a building. It is only with a proper drainage system installed by expert plumbing engineers that you can be sure to enjoy all the facilities that your home has to offer. All too often, homes experience problems with the drainage system and it is at this point that chaos arises. Problems with the drainage system may include leaks or even drain blockages. One sure way in which you can protect yourself from the chaos that ensues from a damaged drainage system is by taking measures to avoid the disaster in the first place.

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Blockages of the drainage system are pretty common. The sad truth is that a majority of people only realise they have a blocked drainage system when their sinks or toilets are overflowing with dirty water. The effects of drain blockage include unpleasant odors and flooding. It is possible to avoid drain blockage altogether by installing a simple drain lining to overcome cracks, leaks and other issues.

Listed below are ways in which you can avoid drain blockage in your home.

Maintenance of drains includes a number of activities that help reduce the chances of your drains being blocked. Such maintenance measures include checking downpipes and roof gutters on a regular basis, and ensuring that your drains are free flowing. You should also keep external drain grills free of leaves and other organic material.

To avoid drain blockages avoid disposing fats down the drain system. They stick to the drain lining and can block up the system. To deal with fats that may be already in the drain, it is important to introduce hot water so as to carry away the fats and avoid blockage.

Waste food scraps and cuttings should not be disposed of down the kitchen sink. These food scraps tend to accumulate and eventually causes blockages in the drain.

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Large, disposable items such as sanitary towels, product wrappings and nappies should not be flushed down the toilet as they can easily get caught in the drainage pipe causing a blockage.

Objects such as medicine bottles, toilet rolls and combs should be kept at safe distance away from where they can fall into the toilet easily. When these objects are flushed, chances are pretty high that they will prevent the free flow of dirty water and hence cause a blockage.

In many homes, the waste plug hole has a lot of hairs which over time tangle, mat together and become trapped. By regularly removing hairs that may be trapped in the hole, you will be reducing the chances of your drainage system getting a drain blockage.

Blocked drains are pretty annoying and usually happen when you least expect it. As stated earlier on, the drainage system is the most important component of a building. When the drainage system is not working as it should, you can be sure to get a pretty nasty experience. By taking up the above considerations, you can be sure to protect yourself and your household from blocked drains.

You don’t have to see problems with your drainage system for you to start carrying out the aforementioned recommendations. The sooner you start applying them lower the probability that your drain will end up blocked.

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