Avoid unnecessary waste of space with sliding doors

Our modern lifestyle has our home filled to the brim. Whether it be exercise machines, furniture, kids toy or even a family increase, it seems more and more difficult to find space for all of it.

Part of this problem might be due to the space that ordinary doors occupy. However, and affordable solution is to install sliding doors in your home. Sliding doors give you space you never knew you had – especially where space is limited by closets and adjoining rooms.

You can find sliding doors in various designs, but what characterized all of them is their great functionality and your opportunity for panoramic view.

Don’t compromise on your interior design

Whatever interior design you have chosen for your home, it is not always easy to fit the things and for most of us, this is especially true when talking about furniture. But it is not always necessary to compromise – so why twist your brain to find solutions with bulky doors?

If you install sliding doors in your home, you will never worry about having to include space in your interior design for opening and closing doors. You only need to concentrate on where to put your new lamp, your abstract painting or armchair.

Different types of sliding doors

Traditionally we think of walls as immovable, but the word wall itself can be misleading. By installing sliding walls, you can really change the space in your home. The door can simply disappear into the wall when opened, and it is an obvious way to divide a larger room into two smaller ones.

If your walls are massive and made out of immovable bricks, there are still plenty of opportunities, because it is also possible to mount sliding doors on the side of the wall.

Advantages of sliding doors

Sliding doors do not only give you more space, they can also be efficient insulators, by ensuring your home stays cool in summer and warm in winter. Furthermore, sliding doors can work as a sound and weather barrier, and keep rain, noise from the street and dust out of your home.

Sliding doors also move easily, so to open the doors you only need to gently push them aside. Some sliding doors even have eco-friendly traits as they are made from renewable wood.

Are you still not convinced? Sliding doors do not only offer functionality, they also add an elegant aesthetic to your home. You can find sliding doors with glass from top to bottom, which provides a simple look, but you can also find sliding doors in a more experimental expression.

Velfac sliding doors are well-known for their sleek and elegant design, which maximises natural light and outdoor views, because the doors create a seamless flow between your indoor and outdoor space.

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