An Advanced Guide to Modern Home Safety

Violent crime happens every day, no matter where you are in the world. In 2016, the rate of motor vehicle theft and property crimes in Australia increased by 7{cf46ee8e1bdea6a2d373905ea007eebe0099cc4731caa10a10cc06a943cc6dd6} in 2015. On the same note, sexual assault cases continue to rank high on the list, with the highest number of victims recorded in the country in 2017 alone. The alarming rates of these unwanted occurrences present a difficult situation for many people, particularly women, children and homeowners who feel unsafe in their own homes.

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Though everyone wishes for the world to be a safer place, there are just some individuals who can’t help themselves from harming other people. Whilst some of these might stem out of socioeconomic circumstances, most wrongdoers don’t realise the effect of their actions have on society, especially to their victims. This is why it is important to arm homes and other establishments with alarms system, CCTV cameras and other top-notch surveillance systems in Brisbane. In this very advanced world, simply locking the doors is no longer enough.

Below are some ways to make our living spaces more secure:

  • Opt for Versatility

Most people don’t have a clue where to start their search. If you are one of these individuals, worry not. You can easily get small, flexible and multifunctional devices which you can use in a variety of ways. Some of the more popular choices include the Amazon Echo Dot or the Google Home Mini. Depending on your needs, you can automate your house gradually and without big risks.

Furnished with smart speakers, these nifty devices will be a godsend to any house. With these connected to a variety of gadgets in your property, you can easily set up timers, television sets, radios and lights at optimal times. These high-tech machines will fool intruders into thinking that your home is occupied, forcing them to think twice before doing carrying out their evil plans.

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  • Automated Security Systems

Installing automated home security systems offer enhanced protection for homeowners and tenants. Besides dispatching immediate calls to local authorities in case of a break in, these units serve as an early warning device for those within the property. This alerts them to hide, go out or seek for help, allowing family members to get to a safe place right away.

Whilst the initial costs of installation can be off-putting to some, the benefits of having these within your property outweigh everything else. Think of the safety of your household and give them the peace of mind they deserve with the help of automated security systems.

Some of the modern solutions in Brisbane include security cameras that can be connected to your mobile devices and smartphone. These security devices enable you to monitor your property even whilst you’re away. You can also install smart locks and alarms with motion sensors.

  • Artificial Intelligence

There is no denying that the future of smart homes will be powered by artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, most homeowners have started to invest in AI devices, from Amazon’s Alexa to highly-advanced security cameras that can recognise suspicious movements. Besides familiarising itself with the most minute nuances, these devices are can be programmed to recognise physical differences of varying sources.

Aside from these safety measures, AI has effectively allowed other household appliances to actually do a proper job. Not only does this technology assure owners of having a safer environment, it also prevents overheating and other common technical problems. Nowadays, you can now buy automated vacuum cleaners and smart lawn mowers.

  • Browser and Cyber security

Cybersecurity is an important aspect of home protection. Whilst these two topics can be considered unrelated, for smart criminal minds, they are connected. For one, the Internet has search engines which track your search history. There are even spurious sites and social networking accounts that can be used to get your personal information. In fact, in 2016, data breaches in Yahoo have affected three billion accounts. This tech fiasco leaked names, email addresses and passwords to a wide audience, compromising the safety of possibly millions of people.

Since most individuals have laptops, smartphones and other devices where their information is logged in, these can easily be accessed by expert hackers, some of whom are even employed by corporations and government agencies, who wish to invade your privacy. To safeguard essential information that can potentially lead them to the privacy of your home, be sure to use encryptions and change your passwords frequently. Protect your email accounts with two-factor authentications and exercise caution when giving your personal details to anyone on the web.

These modern ways of safeguarding your home – and your identity – is no walk in the park. It requires rigorous steps to ensure the safety of everyone in your house. So, don’t hesitate to take these necessary steps in arming and fortifying your residence from intruders. With these high-tech steps, you might outwit these wrongdoers or even send them to jail.

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