Aluminium Siding Curb Appeal

Are you looking to spice up your mobile home? You can improve your curb appeal by applying a fresh coat of aluminium siding on your homes exterior surfaces. Updating your siding regularly is a great DIY project which will be effective and improve your homes look? However, you might need to install new siding, and in some cases, paint your aluminium siding.

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Here are steps which will help you to paint your aluminium siding.

  • Wash away the grime

If you want to achieve great results, you will first need to wash your aluminium siding to remove grime before painting. Power washing is more effective and will yield faster results as compared to when you scrub your mobile home by hand.

When power washing you need to feed the machine with a mixture of cleaning solution and water. The cleaning mixture can either be a concoction of bleach and water or vinegar and water. Afterward, use a bucket full of plain water to rinse off the solution.

  • Look for damages

Now that you have a clean surface look for any form of damage. Look for missing screws, powdery layer, and rust damage. Check the corner of the roof or the panel for any missing screws. If some screws are missing in place careful replace them with new ones.

If you want to know whether the surface has the powdery layer, you should pas your hands on the over the paint. If you see a powdery substance be alarmed. The powdery residue often acts as a self-cleaner for the sliding. If the surface has rust damage and powdery layer use a concoction of trisodium phosphate to remove the rust.

  • Use the right paint

Before buying the paint, it would be good if you went online to see how other mobile homes have been painted. Most home exteriors are painted with a light colour which makes the home to be more inviting to people. You should also note the places where you want to paint the same colour and places where you to paint differently.

When painting the aluminium siding on your mobile home, you might need gallons of paint to cover 300-400 sq. feet of siding. The type of paint to buy should be exterior oil based which is ideal for metal surfaces. After the paint is dry, you can proceed and coat it with acrylic paint.

When buying the paint ensure that you will get the right amount to finish the job. Buy all the buckets of paint which you will need to avoid getting disappointed when you go for other buckets and find that they can’t match the color of the paint which you want.

  • Painting the aluminium siding

Before you begin the painting process, you will need a pair of scissors and black tape. Before applying the paint, tape all the areas which you don’t need to paint, e.g., the doors and windows. You can use plastic sheeting to tape the windows and doors.

After you are through with the whole painting process remove the tape to prevent a sticky residue from being left behind. Also, you can use a paint sprayer if you want the paintwork to be even. First use a primer then use acrylic exterior paint after the primer dries. For better results apply a second coat of the acrylic for the second time.

Look at that- painting your mobile home is not as difficult as you thought, right? After you are done with the whole process your home will now have a lovely curb appeal, and you won’t need to spend a lot of money. Your home will have a fresh and brand new look.

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