Air Conditioning Problems That Could Mean it Needs Replacing

Whether you own a ducted air conditioner or a ductless system, air conditioners are one of the most dependable appliances in your home. If you buy a quality air conditioning unit and keep it serviced properly, you can count on more than a decade of great service cooling your home. But like all appliances you purchase, over time they lose efficiency and wear down.

Deciding when residential air conditioners need replacing is an important things to get right. When they reach a point of needing to be replaced, holding onto them can be costly and even dangerous. Here are some signs that air conditioner might need replacing

Your AC is More Than a Decade Old

Quality home air conditioners will provide good service for 11 to 15 years typically, but this number could vary based on use and the amount of servicing you have done on it throughout its lifespan. However if you are toward the high end there is a very good chance that your air conditioner is inefficient and running up excessive electricity bills. Additionally today’s air conditioners are much more efficient than those from fifteen years ago and can lower your electricity bills by as much as 30%. So if your ac is older replacing it now is probably a smart decision.

You are Calling Your AC Service Person Regularly

As air conditioners age they do not do as good a job at cooling your home. They also require more repairs causing you to call the service person more often. If you are seeing the air conditioner repairman on a monthly basis, there is a good chance that you are incurring many unnecessary bills and that your unit should be replaced.

It is Blowing Too Much Warm Humid Air

Air conditioners distribute cool air throughout your home and they also remove humidity or moisture in the air. If you are not getting consistent cool dry air from your unit, and it happens even after you just had it serviced, it may be time for a new unit.

It Stay On Too Long or Runs Too Often

An efficient air conditioner will run for a period and then stop with a period of whether the motor is off. If you are noticing that the times when it runs gets continuously longer, it could mean that the motor is losing efficiency and you may be in for a costly repair or decide that it is smarter to get a new air conditioner.

If you do need a new air conditioner, the good news is that there are choices today that give you more flexibility and that may fit your exact needs better. You can choose from a multi-split system that can save you big or a reverse cycle air conditioner that also heats your home. Whatever type of air conditioner you choose it will have the most modern features including variable speed motors and advanced thermostats saving you money and requiring less maintenance.

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